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Top 10 Table Lamps

3/26/2019 | CHC Design Team

1. Spate Table Lamp by Bert Frank
Jordan: This lamp has such an interesting and sculptural form. The satin brass and marble finishes elevate this fixture and give it a sense of luxury while allowing it to maintain an overall fresh and modern look."

2. Neotenic Table Lamp by Jumbo NYC
Bre: This little lamp is the perfect shade of mulberry, and its thick, curved body captivates us on an instinctual level. Its origin is also intriguing: Neotenic was designed in 2018 to appeal to a “biological imperative to nurture—to see ourselves in our surroundings and cherish the childlike.”

3. Surface Sconce in Black Travertine by Henry Wilson Studio
Morgan: "This striking table light creates a simple statement, and introduces ambient light by playing off of the textured background of raw, black travertine. It’s a deliberate and charming creation that instantly calls attention in any space."

4. Laurel Mushroom Lamp by Bill Curry
Cody: The curves of this mushroom-shaped lamp help create harmony with their soft lines and mid-century, organic aesthetic. All the best shapes grow from the mind of nature, and this lamp is no exception. This lamp works as well in the kitchen as it would in the bedroom, and pairing it with smaller pieces makes for an ideal vignette.

5. Dipping Light by Jordi Canudas for Marset
Lauren: It’s always a welcome addition when a design element can infuse a bit of humor into a space, otherwise a room can risk getting too stuffy. The retro vibe and pop of color afforded from these orb lights do just that. This lamp is relatively affordable and comes in two different sizes and six color ways, making it the perfect piece to bring a punch of interest and an unexpected touch.

6. Totem Light by Sabine Marcelis
Pamela: "Sabine has mastered the art of resin as a functional object in an array of perfect colors, and this handmade piece makes you wonder how it was even created. The simple silhouettes can easily be added to any style of design while the craftsmanship is sure to be a showstopper."

7. Akari Noguchi Paper Lamp 24N by Isamu Noguchi
Rebecca: The beauty of Noguchi’s paper lamps comes from the delicacy of the form and the particular glow that comes from a lantern. The use of traditional Japanese lantern-making techniques combined with modernist design make these lamps absolutely perfect.

8. Quadrifoglio by Gae Aulenti 
Susannah: "This lamp by mid-century, Italian, female architect Gae Aulenti is all about juxtaposing unlikely pairings. The delicate, flower-like lampshade sits on top of a strong, metallic base, and the timeless camel-colored glass is coupled with late mid-century chrome."

9. Helios Lamp by Workstead 
Brea: "This lamp is formed from hewn brass and stands upon a base of Carrara marble. The sculptural structure allows you to orbit and maneuver the position of the light, creating shadows unique to your space."

10. Dimple Lamp by Anna Karlin
Helena: "Decorative lighting is the final touch which defines a space, just like the perfect accessory makes an outfit. This piece is just the right blend of materials—brass-plated steel, Portuguese pink marble, and glass—handcrafted into a form that is as functional as it is a work of art.

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