Lauren Bald

Design Director - 808.298.7196
Lauren Bald is certifiably born of the mean streets of Newport Beach, California, but after nearly a decade in SLC, she’s equally rooted in and infatuated with our good city. A degree in interior design, a keen aesthetic eye, and whip-smart business instincts render Lauren uniquely equipped to contribute to every aspect of our COLLECTIVE operation—in years past, she’s done everything from party planning to office management and real estate coordination. As a current member of both the leadership and marketing teams, Lauren’s abilities are widely utilized internally, to say the least. For now, however, her laser focus is on her position as Director of our Design Division where she handles client/vendor relations and employee programming, oversees every last interior design project, and continues to hone and maintain a successful business model.
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Kerri Fukui
Updates + Love Notes
Design Tips: 5 Fall-Inspired Paint Colors
9/9/2021 | Lauren Bald
We adore the swatches and samples that come with a complete overhaul, but we also understand that the simplest of tweaks can result in an entirely new vibe for your space. A little paint, for example, goes a long way. Here some fall-inspired colors that will keep you happy the whole year...
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Kerri Fukui
Significant Properties
5 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in Your Kitchen
5/27/2021 | Lauren Bald
One of our most recently completed design projects perfectly demonstrates that you don't always need a complete overhaul to breathe new life into your home. Here are five little changes that can have a big impact on your space...
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Kerri Fukui
Significant Properties
Layover Lists | Los Angeles
12/11/2019 | Lauren Bald
So many of our residents now (yours truly included) are transplants from other states and countries. And while we love and preach about all the goodness that is SLC, we—like many of our readers—also do our fair share of traveling to and obsessing about other places on the map, as well...
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