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Cabin Life | A Cabin in the Sky

4/2/2024 | Grace Mayernik
Kerri Fukui

When was the last time you’ve been in a treehouse? It’s been a few years? Welcome to The Treehouse at The Forgotten Cabins.

Kerri and Samuel made their way to visit on a snowy day in February. Only 20 minutes away from Park City, hidden in the hills, the drive itself was enchanting. Upon arrival, we made quick friends with the welcome committee, Archer & Nikita, who live on the property full-time. They gave us a quick tour around but encouraged us to discover the magic on our own.

Samuel quickly settled in to the cabin and began to explore. At only 400 sqft, the cabin itself is small but mighty. There were countless places to cozy up and enjoy a cup of tea or pages of your favorite book. The treehouse was consciously built using raw materials found on the property and from local recycling centers. Probably one of the most unique aspects of this cabin, is the 200 year old fir tree that you’ll be sharing digs with during your stay.

That’s right, theres a 100% living, and thriving, tree growing through the walls and interior of this cabin.

We connected with owners Gianni and Rocky to ask them a couple questions about their story.

Why did you buy/build this cabin? Like, what really sold you on it? We have always been outdoor lovers, but after a decade of hustling in San Francisco, we had forgotten how to relax and were jailed to our indoor offices. We were in desperate search of a new home that could integrate the wilderness into our everyday life. As luck would have it, we struck gold and happened upon a remote haven among the aspens at 8,000 feet outside of Park City; the property included a tiny (yet mighty) treehouse. Both of us shared childhood dreams of sleeping in tree forts and when we saw a living 200 year old evergreen winding its way through an empty children's play space, we knew we'd found our magical escape. We quickly turned what was only beautiful bones into a romantic getaway with the best view from our property. The plan was that this was going to be our personal daily refuge and a guest house for loved ones, but after only a couple weeks, we remembered what it was like to be a young couple in search of unique, memorable adventures and we couldn't keep the only real treehouse in the entire state to ourselves, so we opened The Treehouse up to the world so that those in search of solitude and a reprieve from the city could run away to the mountains, too.

Describe your cabin in one word: D.R.E.A.M.Y.

Best time of day in your cabin? And where should you be sitting for it? Given that we have 270-degrees of windows with endless views of the Uinta mountains, we've ensured that you won't miss a breathtaking view from anywhere in the space, but we'd personally recommend waking up early and watching the warm glow of a sunrise spread across the landscape while you lounge in bed under a skylight; the slow fill of light from all directions is nothing less than pure bliss.

How about seasonally speaking...what time of year best suits this place? Whether you visit during our gorgeous green summers to escape the heat of the valley and watch moose roam freely in front of your desk or runaway to a winter wonderland that feels like living inside of a soundless snow globe, The Treehouse is an oasis that will be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventure any time of year.

If your cabin were a celebrity, who would it be (and why)? Ha. We love this question, but that is TOUGH... maybe Zooey Deschanel? She has a whimsical and eclectic style that could be likened to the charm and uniqueness of a treehouse and we suppose her roles in quirky and whimsical projects often evoke a sense of childlike wonder, which parallels the adventurous and imaginative spirit of a treehouse... or if not her, maybe Woody Harrelson? He seems laid-back and exudes an earthy demeanor, which reflects the grounded and natural essence of a treehouse, but it's probably clear that we don't know enough celebrities and we're just thinking of The Treehouse's best characteristics. Come stay with us and answer that question in our guest book!

- A note from the owners -

We'd love for people to come stay with us and experience the magic of our mountain so that they can create unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

They can visit our website to learn more and book: The Forgotten Cabins

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