Love Where You Live

We're realtors and designers, yes...but the sum of our collective can't be reduced to titles. We are individuals stitched together by a love of our city and its spaces. We are advocates for loving who you love, what you love, and where you live.

Meet Our Family

Highly-skilled and wildly-meticulous, we're comprised of some pretty great stuff. Should you wander into our office on any given day, these are the designers, realtors, and creatives you'll find.
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Cody Derrick

Meet Cody

Amy Tibbals

Regional Editor
Meet Amy

Lauren Bald

Design Director
Meet Lauren

Helena Morozoff

Senior Designer
Meet Helena

Leigh Anne Bernal

Broker/Property Consultant
Meet Leigh Anne

Camilla Granasen

Property Consultant
Meet Camilla

Darby Doyle

Communications Director
Meet Darby

Ryan Holbrook

Junior Editor
Meet Ryan

Shannon Miller

Property Consultant
Meet Shannon

Joseph Tuenge

Property Consultant
Meet Joseph

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Rebecca Loosli

Meet Rebecca

Alexander Muzio

Property Consultant
Meet Alexander

Jordan Geurts

Meet Jordan

Katie Bald

Assistant to the Regional Editor
Meet Katie

Monica Dennis

Property Consultant
Meet Monica

Cameo Winn

Senior Designer
Meet Cameo

Allie Nunez

Property Consultant
Meet Allie

Melody Orozco-Kluesner

Property Consultant
Meet Melody

Mia Gallardo

Property Consultant
Meet Mia

Zach Hansen

Property Consultant
Meet Zach

Patrick Schirf

Property Consultant
Meet Patrick

Candace Mau

Property Consultant
Meet Candace

Mark Seely

Property Consultant
Meet Mark

Annie Wiesenberg

Property Consultant
Meet Annie

Michelle Watts

Director of First Impressions
Meet Michelle

Brian Tripoli

Property Consultant
Meet Brian

Haley Baske

Design Assistant
Meet Haley

Liz Elias

Property Consultant
Meet Liz

Keri Conrad

Location Manager
Meet Keri

Kerri Fukui

Meet Kerri

Bre Snow

Interior Design Buyer
Meet Bre

Jewel Maxfield

Property Consultant
Meet Jewel

Brea Valenzuela

Senior Designer
Meet Brea

Virginia Ulibarri

Property Consultant
Meet Virginia

Jenny Compton

Transaction Coordinator
Meet Jenny

Kris Woodbury

Property Consultant
Meet Kris

Corigan Kushma

Property Consultant
Meet Corigan

Ross Brookham

Property Consultant
Meet Ross

Chloe Brookham

Property Consultant
Meet Chloe

Kelly Carper

Property Consultant
Meet Kelly

Samuel Johnson

Property Consultant
Meet Samuel

Camille Powell

Property Consultant
Meet Camille

Tiffany Fawson

Property Consultant
Meet Tiffany

A Good Fit is a Good Thing

Whether you're looking to sell your current space, find the next perfect home, or design the stuff of which your dreams are made, we can help. We've got your, let's get you "home".
Yes, Let's Do

Our Process

The Head

Our holistic approach is inspired, but our clever manner is paired with a vast knowledge of the industry. Think of us as the romantic train stop where marketing savvy meets statistical reality. Sellers and buyers, alike, can benefit from honed negotiation techniques and a keen eye for what's good.

The Heart

We're looking to get a little more personal in your hunt for home, and we don't take the process lightly. The perfect space isn't perfect because it has 2.75 bathrooms or high-end light fixtures. Let's leave the details to the unimaginative. We want to get to know you...then find or create the space to match.

The Home

Call it cliché, but we think there are few sentiments that ring truer than “home is where the heart is.” The importance of where you live is second only to who you love, but both should be handled with the utmost care. Let us help you find the space that perfectly reflects and happily houses you and yours.
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We've Been Noticed

We do things differently here, and word of our uncommon business practice is spreading. From nationally-read newspapers to local, independent print, we've been spotted in some pretty prominent publications.
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