Susannah Holmberg

Senior Designer - 443.514.8627
Susannah Holmberg is an astute lover of interiors. A globe trekker at soul, this creator has stayed in tents and ashrams, five star hotels and B&B's. Those years of travel, coupled with English and art history studies and a Master's in Art from MICA, have left this gem with a polished grasp on the effect of design in any setting and a seat on the board of UMOCA. Susannah's fascination with the creation of space has led her steadfastly toward a career in interior design, and straight into our COLLECTIVE embrace. For Susannah, few things are as as important as creating spaces for others to adore and flourish in. Doctrine worth subscribing to, no doubt.
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Architecture + Design
Dermatology House | Coming Soon
10/12/2017 | Susannah Holmberg
As the glistening, summer glow begins to fade from your face and your laugh lines and age spots start to flex a little bit, it's possible you'll be on the lookout for some solid skincare. Lucky for you, we know just the place--a new dermatology practice making its way to Kimball Junction...
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Kerri Fukui
Businesses + Events
Henriksen Butler | Feel First...
6/1/2017 | Susannah Holmberg
In a recent conversation with a fellow SLC transplant, we each excitedly announced that some of our very favorite people in the world live in this fair city. I’ve grown entirely accustomed to the fact that--despite the opinion of those not in the know--this place has some really great...
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Susannah Holmberg
Restaurants + Cocktails
3 Cups | Blazin' Hot Coffee
6/1/2017 | Susannah Holmberg
Coffee shop design has taken a clean, bright turn over the last few years. Makes us want to spend our days chatting and sipping for hours on end. Rather than small, dark spaces with a few mismatched couches, we're looking squarely at joints like this: 3 Cups in Holladay...
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