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This last winter season (and the fall, summer, and spring, before it...), we've been cooped up like never before. The last year has been a wild ride for myriad reasons, and it's left us jonesing to get away from it all in a whole new way. So many of us have been eating/sleeping/living/working from home the last 365, and to say we're "stir-crazy" would be putting it quite mildly. Lately, any day that's 50°+ sends us into a dizzy daydream about sun-soaked summer road trips, so we've been scouring our archives for ideas on where we'll head just as soon as we're able. Our requirements are simple: good food, good tunes, good views, and solitude...

Without further ado, here are a few of our
favorite rural retreats.


Nestled up Emigration Canyon, and seated squarely on eight acres of Utah's most gorgeous mountain landscape, this listing on Pinecrest Canyon Road had us fully swooning last summer. With the then-new Covid picking up steam, it was no surprise to us that this cozy cabin (listed by Camilla) went under contract in next to no time. A few of this place's perks: a charming cedar interior, a flood of natural light, a short commute to Downtown (on those rare occasions you'd like to get back into it all), and multiple decks for morning coffee/'ahhs' and 'oohs' over them views. Full story here.



A slightly different speed but still surrounded by acres of lush Utah countryside, this Park City home was listed in 2017 by Corigan. Distinctly modern in silhouette and outfitted with plenty of eco-friendly features, this Promontory beauty was composed of steel, glass, stone, and cedar. The space was situated on its 1.5 acres to take full advantage of those views, and we think the results speak entirely for themselves. In short: there's no "wrong side of the bed" to wake up on, here. Full story here



Long-time followers of our COLLECTIVE will remember this truly tranquil Emigration cabin, listed in 2015 by CHCEO, Cody. What this peaceful place boasted in greenery and views for miles was matched entirely by its remoteness. Just how remote? For the Life in Your Space shoot, our crew had to abandon vehicles at the foot of the hill and embark on a quarter-mile hike to the property, which is only reachable via snowmobile or snowshoe in winter. Our consensus: absolutely, unquestionably, "good lord, look at those mountains" worth it. Full story here



To quote the 2015 Place of Worship story of which these two were subject, "The term 'cabin' is used very loosely, here." Inspired by and oriented intentionally upon their landscape, the sisters—dubbed Sunrise and Sunset—were designed and built by the University of Utah's DesignBuildBLUFF program in collaboration with the Navajo Nation’s Mexican Water Chapter, with the idea in mind that “tourism dollars otherwise lost outside the boundaries of the reservation could rather stay and help encourage the local economy.” The cabins are striking, but afford center stage to the miles and miles of breathtaking landscape that surround them, and the result is sublime. Full story here



The first in our Cabin Fervor series, this cozy Alta cabin was built in the 1950s and more closely resembles something from a Tolkien novel than from the Swiss Alps (to achieve the mystic exterior, wood shingles were covered in hand-pounded copper). Perks of this place include a fireworks-display-level of wildflowers in the summer, being awakened by avalanche control explosives in the winter, and an unimpeded look at peaks in all directions. Lincoln, take us away! Full story here



One of the most recent additions to our cityhomeDESIGN portfolio, this space is about as stunning as they come. Perched on the out-of-this-world terrain of southern Utah, the sharp angles of this steel exterior contrast the jagged, organic land that surrounds it, but the abundance of glass ensures that the interior and exterior seamlessly blend in a truly jaw-dropping display of nature meeting nurture. With an interior design this dreamy and views this incredible, we imagine the only trouble here is determining where to take one's morning coffee. Full story here


The work of our pal Chris Price and his partners Park City Design + Build, this Summit Park home had us mood-boarding our lives here when Corigan listed it in 2018. From the outside, the stacked segments of Treehaus cut some pretty clean, industrial angles, but despite this, the structure remains visually congruent with its surroundings thanks to a dark cedar exterior that mimics the tones and vertical lines of the pines that encircle it. Chris Price does it again! Full story here



Just a stone's throw from Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Lake Powell, a DIY mile-marker signals the turnoff for Amangiri, a luxury resort comprised of just 34 rooms, a stunning dining hall, and one show-stopping swimming pool. It's a relatively simple design, muted in its brilliance, and it's perhaps one of the most crazy-pretty places we've ever had the good fortune of visiting. One of our favorite features: the sheer boundlessness of it all. Beyond each room's private patio, you won't find any fences or borders to speak of. Just...outside. Full story here



This Boulder, Utah eatery is damn-near legendary...and for good reason. Not only is its location completely serene (and like something out of the Practical Magic set design), but the food here will have you daydreaming about your next road trip for months to come—in fact, this place is home to one of the state's highest Zagat ratings, and is awarded nearly yearly for its excellent fare. Open seasonally, Hell's Backbone will begin accepting guests again in May...and we're packing our bags already. Full story here

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