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The past six weeks have put cooking skills the world over to the test. We’ve certainly been doing our fair share of sautéing during the pandemic, but for those not so accustomed to spending this much time hovering over a stovetop, home-cooking can be taxing in its own right. As such, we've put together a list of our favorite available-for-takeout dishes from local restaurants around the city that we will be updating on a weekly basis. 

When you’ve had it with full dishwashers and Bon Appetit recipes that didn’t quite turn out the way you’d hoped, turn here. 

Pies The Limit

When it comes to flaky crusts and delectable fillings, Pies The Limit is a tough act to beat. Started by Dominique Wilson--SLC’s “local pie guy”--this operation puts out a range of different options, all of which are handcrafted and baked to order. Sweet staples like apple and banana cream are well represented but Dominique also whips up delicious, savory dinner pies (think: chicken pot pie, mac ‘n cheese, and pot roast) along with a couple of cheesecake variations as well. FYI, should you be craving a wedge of something sweet but wary of committing to downing a whole pie, Dominique’s creations are available by the slice at Normal Ice Cream on Fridays. For ordering, inquiries, and a current menu, visit @pies_the_limitut on Instagram. 

Love Letter Wontons

Fall never fails to usher in a deep-rooted desire for warm, hearty foods and Love Letter Wontons specializes in whipping up the kind of comforting fare that pairs perfectly with dipping temps and rustling leaves. The regularly rotating menu consists of different wonton, broth, and veggie options (as well as a healthy selection of add-ons) that are designed to be easily assembled at home. Classic variations like shrimp, pork, and chive are available, but so too are more inventive combinations like goose and leek. In short, if you’re in need of something soul-warming, look no further. For ordering, inquiries, and a current menu, visit @loveletterwontons on Instagram. 

Salt City Kitchen

Salt City Kitchen specializes in whipping up inventive, fresh, family-style meals that are promptly delivered around the Salt Lake Valley every Thursday. Their offering changes weekly and past meals have encompassed a wide variety of cuisines, covering everything from spaghetti and meatballs to red curry. That said, any meal made by this talented operation--no matter the flavor profile--is bound to be delicious. For ordering, inquiries, and a current menu, visit @saltcitykitchen_ on Instagram. 

Challah Back Dough

It’s pretty hard not to get on board with this SLC-based bread baker--their self-proclaimed “artisan bread for nonpartisan times” is full of heart and flavor in equal measure. Currently operating out of RYE’s kitchen and offering made-to-order requests and home delivery, Challah Back’s Britt Jursik specializes in...well, challah bread, obviously. The beautifully braided loaves, a specialty in Jewish cuisine, have been baked up in the form of blueberry cheese babka, pretzel loaf, rye, OG challah, vegan banana bread, and challapeño cornbread, but the possibilities are endless. Follow along and place your orders on Instagram at @challahbackdough. 


The “modern Middle Eastern cuisine” offered up by Aziza is varied, delicious, and perfect for chowing down at home with you and yours. From lighter offerings like tabbouleh and fattoush to soul-warming Egyptian staples like Koshary and kabab hala, there’s plenty of options no matter what you’re in the mood for. And, all that is to say nothing of the stellar dessert menu. Do yourself a favor and grab a peach kunafa while you can. For ordering, inquiries, and a current menu, visit @azizaslc on Instagram.

Copper Common - Copper Burger, Beef Stroganoff, Sausage Pizza

After a hiatus, Copper Common is back open for takeout, serving up comforting staples from both their own menu as well as that of neighboring Copper Onion. For our money, the dearly missed burger and the beef stroganoff are the first order of business, and their sausage pie is an assuredly safe bet, as well. Online ordering available here.

Caputo’s - The Meatball, The Caputo, Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

Putting food aside for a moment, Caputo’s deserves a shoutout for the willingness and selflessness without which they’ve stepped up to try and serve their community in recent weeks. That said, their lineup of sandwiches is arguably one of the best in the city and we’d gladly dig into a meatball sub or towering Italian sando from them any day. Throw in one of their famous chocolate chip cookies and you’ve got yourself a meal. Online ordering available here

Amour Cafe - Granola, Savory Heirloom Tomato Jam, Fig & Balsamic Gelato 

Amour’s adorable cafe remains closed, but their spreads, gelato, and granola remain available for takeout and delivery. While the savory heirloom tomato jam is an incredible way to upgrade any sandwich, it’s really just one of many stellar options. The same goes for their gelato, but fig and balsamic is a hard combo to beat in our book. Online ordering available here.  


A self-described micro-bakery, Mim’s was recently started by a lovely local pair--one of whom served as the sous chef at Alamexo not too long ago. Simply put, their bread is phenomenal and oh-so-fresh. You’ll find all the familiar suspects like sourdough, country white, and baguettes on their menu, but while you’re stocking up on staples be sure to throw in some Everything Bread. Trust us, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more flavorful loaf in the city. Head to their Instagram profile (@mims_slc) to order. 


Started by a former counselor turned restaurant chef, Mother specializes in whipping up delicious, carefully crafted, family-style meals that are soul-warming in every way. The offering is ever-changing but, no matter what entree you land on, don’t forget to snag a couple of cups of their made-from-scratch broth and a loaf of bread from their newest partner, Mim’s Bakery! Online ordering available here

The Bearded Lady 

For anyone new to the art, pasta making can take quite a while to get the hang of. And, while dried, boxed pasta almost always pales in comparison to the hand-kneaded kind, cleaning floury surfaces and a sink full of dishes can be a daunting task on weeknights. Thankfully, The Bearded Lady offers up plenty of handmade shapes and varieties to take and boil at home. Translation: it’s little labor for a lot of flavor. DM @thebeardedladyslc for inquiries or to place your no-contact-pickup order. 

Mad Dough

Although they’ve yet to inhabit a storefront, Mad Dough’s future seems incredibly bright thanks to their pairing of on-point branding and Bismark-style doughnuts. As things currently sit, they’re offering one flavor a week (announced Monday) which can be ordered by following the instructions on their Instagram account (@maddoughslc). These airy, custard-filled pastries are the real deal and we highly suggest getting in on the ground floor. You won’t be disappointed. 


Manned by a pair of locals committed to sharing the culinary love, Brisketzilla is plenty worth celebrating. Their main offering, a taco/quesadilla kit that contains brisket, tortillas, salsas, and toppings, is phenomenal but so too is the sans-meat version that centers around carefully treated veggies. Every component in these meals is fresh, flavorful, and packed with local produce, making Brisketzilla a bit of a no-brainer. Orders for no-contact pickup can be placed via Instagram (@brisketzilla).

Happy Dumpling

Handmade with fresh ingredients, the dumplings whipped up by the couple behind Happy Dumplings are remarkably delicious. With four variations (chicken, pork, vegetarian, and gourmet chicken) and plenty of accompanying sauces, the offering consists of a welcome variety of flavors, all of which are currently available during Happy Dumpling’s pick-up pop-ups. Click here to place your order or to find more information on pick-up times and dates. 


Ever since it was announced that Arlo would be taking the place of Em’s, we’ve been excitedly waiting to see what the next iteration of this already fantastic spot would look like. Given current conditions, the takeout menu is fairly paired back, consisting of a salad, a pizza, and a pasta dish that all change daily. That said, the food looks to be smartly balanced, carefully prepared, and certainly worth trying. Online orders can be placed here.

Mahider Ethiopian - Alicha (meat), Yemisir Alicha (vegetarian), side of extra injera 

The traditional Ethiopian cooked up at Mahider is not only tasty, but a welcome break from the takeout doldrums one so often falls into. The heat-levels range from mild to very spicy, and many of the colorful dishes are based around wat, a thick stew made with veggies, legumes, chicken, or beef. Be sure to ask for extra injera--the traditional spongey, fermented bread is similar to sourdough in taste, and acts as the perfect, edible envelope for whatever dish you select. Order online for pickup here.

11 Hauz - Jerk wings, Beef or Veggie Patty, Rasta Pasta 

Owned by Jamaican transplants Sheron and Errol Grant and their three daughters, this place is to-the-brim with good vibes and even better flavors. Spicy, sweet, and seasoned to perfection, these dishes are sure to warm you up in every way. It’s a bit of drive (this place is the pride of Park City), but we can attest that these wings are worth the wait. View the full menu and place your pick-up order online here

Yoko - Ramen, Chicken Sandwich, Wings, Yoko Salad

Yoko just recently started offering takeout options and we’re elated to see them back in business. While the menu has been pared down, all three ramen variations--chicken, pork, and veggie--are available. If hot soup in the summer isn’t your thing, grab a fried chicken sandwich, some wings, or a salad, all of which are sneaky good. Updates can be found on Instagram (@yokoramenslc) and online ordering is available here

Diversion Social Eatery - BBQ Pork Pizza with Cauliflower Crust, Poutine, The Gorg Burger

Diversion Social Eatery is steadfastly invested in serving up the kind of delicious, comforting food over which engaging conversations are had and lasting memories are made. Their menu is extensive and features a welcome balance between indulgent items and healthier options. The above recommendations are a great starting point, but feel free to branch out--you’d be hard-pressed to order something that isn’t stellar. Find their full menu online and order through DoorDash, GrubHub, Toast, or Uber Eats. 

Monsieur Crepes - Parisienne, Madame, L’Originale, Versailles

This creperie often operates out of a food truck, as well, but we recommend stopping by their adorable 1617 S 900 E spot for pick up. These filling French wraps are magnifique, and it’s really worth snagging one sweet and one savory. You know...for balance. Find their full menu online and order through DoorDash, GrubHub, Seamless, or Uber Eats.

Café Niche: Niche Breakfast, Biscuits and Gravy, Corned Beef Hash

When considering at-home brunch, committing to a sink full of dishes on Sunday morning is a tough sell. Luckily, Café Niche’s new all-day menu includes plenty of a.m. hits. While we’re gravitating towards harder-to-duplicate items like the Biscuits and Gravy and Corned Beef Hash, the Niche Breakfast is a delicious, classic, and highly customizable pick, as well. Takeout orders can be placed over the phone (801-433-3380). 

Mom’s Kitchen: Mom’s Spicy Cold Noodles with Peanut Sauce, Pan-Fried Stuffed Buns, Green Onion Cake 

Chilled noodles, stuffed buns, and crispy fried green onion cakes are as good a summer evening spread as we can conjure up, however, the pages-long menu at Mom’s Kitchen contains plenty of other delicious dishes, as well. Expect thoughtful, straightforward fare and portions generous enough to ensure plenty of leftovers remain. Online ordering available here

Table X: Family Meals and Bread Boxes

Table X’s decision to follow suit with other upscale eateries and begin offering family-style meals is a welcome one. This kitchen is one of our city’s most aspirational and its commitment to quality shines through in this take-home-friendly fare. Also be sure to check out their bread boxes, each of which contains freshly baked loves and an assortment of accompanying spreads. Details on weekly offerings can be found on Instagram (@tablexrestaurant) and online ordering is available here.  

Manoli’s: Pantry Staples and Family Meals

Similar to Table X and SLC Eatery, Manoli’s has adapted their takeout approach in light of the current climate. Their new offerings include take-and-bake family-style meals, reheatable mezes, cocktail kits, and pantry staples like Greek yogurt and mizithra cheese--all of which are updated on a weekly basis. If ever there was a time of Manoli’s aromatic, soul-warming fare, that time is now. Their current menu can be found on Instagram (@manolison9th) and orders can be placed over the phone (801-532-3760) or by email ([email protected]).

Nomad Eatery: Family Meals, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Breakfast Pizza

Remarkably well-executed flavors are the name of the game at this West Side eatery. Everything on the menu has the potential to knock socks off, but, for our money, we’d go with the spicy chicken sandwich or breakfast pizza. Also, keep an eye out for their hearty, affordable, and unabashedly delicious family meals. Order online for takeout here

Feldman’s: Reuben, Sloppy Joe, Potato Pancakes, Matzoball Soup

This deli's place in our city’s comfort food hall of fame is nigh indisputable. Again, it’s difficult to go wrong here, but well-known classics like the Reuben, Sloppy Joe, potato pancakes, and matzo ball soup are sure to lift spirits even in the midst of these trying times. Order online for takeout here

Afghan Kitchen: Bulani, Pumpkin Mantu, Kabuli Palow

Put succinctly, the fare here is as soul-warming as you’ll find. Hearty but not heavy, aromatic but still fresh, we’ve yet to be anything but wowed by this spot. Click here for more details on these lovely dishes or here to order takeout online. Also available on Doordash and Grubhub. 

Chile Tepin: Parrilladas and Enchilladas

Chile-Tepin, since opening a few years back, has proven itself to be a wonderful addition to SLC’s restaurant scene. While every dish here is fresh, comforting, and unabashedly delicious, the thought of one of their hearty enchilada platters or an order of the parilladas (an assortment of expertly prepared meats and all the requisite fixings) has us pining particularly hard. Order online for takeout or delivery here

Oasis Cafe: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Breakfast Burrito, Vegan Chocolate Cake

One of our city’s longest-standing spots, Oasis Cafe boasts a couple of dishes that are both familiar to many and undeniably tasty. Their grilled cheese and tomato soup are straightforward but executed with aplomb, as is their breakfast burrito (now served all day!). Vegan desserts can be a tough sell, but their chocolate cake is as moist and decadent as any dairy-based alternative. Best to wrap up your meal with a slice or two. Order online for takeout here

Nohm: Japanese Curry, Spicy Yaki Udon, and Spicy Rice Cake

Throughout their short tenure (the restaurant opened towards the end of last year), the people behind Nohm have consistently put out some of the best food in the city. The dishes listed above are exactly the kind of rich, flavorful, nuanced fare that nourishes the soul and soothes frayed nerves. Order over the phone for curbside pick-up (801-917-3812). Card payments only. 

Arempas: Empanadas, Guava and Cheese Tequeños, and Peluda Arepas

Another relatively new spot, the Venezuelan fare at this family-run spot is remarkably flavorful and totally indulgent. It’s difficult to go wrong when ordering from this delicious and diverse menu, and our above favorites are mere suggestions, but the guava and cheese tequeños should not be missed. Order online for pickup here. Also available on Doordash and Grubhub. 

SLC Eatery: Utah Scone and Family Meals

In short, we’ve never had a dish from this joint that we weren’t absolutely smitten with. In response to these uncertain times, they’ve launched a contact-free pick-up window and a series of inexpensive, family-style meals that are both bonkers-good and a whole lot of fun to assemble. No matter what you order, be sure to grab a scone or two—they’re the buttery, fluffy stuff of dreams. Order online for curbside pick-up here.

Pizza Nono: YesYes and Beehive Pizzas

9th & 9th’s Pizza Nono continues to be a sure-fire bet where takeout is concerned. All of the pizzas here are delicious and made from quality ingredients, but the two variations mentioned above are particularly alluring. The Beehive is one of the spots most popular, and for good reason—the combo of pickled jalapeños and honey is hard to beat. The YesYes (a newer addition to the menu), however, should not be missed. Truffle oil, pancetta, goat cheese, and plenty of aromatics give this pie a depth of flavor and richness that pairs perfectly with some of the restaurant’s lighter offerings. Order online for curbside pick-up here

Bon Bon: Snickers, NY Wildberry Cheesecake, Rocky Road, and dairy-free Pineapple Sorbet

As the NBA presses pause for the foreseeable future, you might be missing this ice-cold staple of the Vivint Arena. Fortunately for us all, Bon Bon Italian Gelato is offering contactless delivery; their fascinating and tantalizing array of flavors are available in 5 oz. and 1.3 gallon containers. We suggest you cop a few and divvy them up for care package deliveries of your own. Order online for delivery here.

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