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Welcome to SLC Eatery. To paraphrase a particularly famous historic denizen of Deseret, “This is the place to sample from an ever-changing menu of creative, flavorful bites”. Chefs Logen Crew and Paul Chamberlain are legendary in the Salt Lake Valley for a reason; their food is consistently unique without being gimmicky. It also happens to be a legitimate shining star among the sparkling firmament of Salt Lake’s finer dining scene.

The SLC Eatery experience is consistently vibrant, seasonal, and clearly rooted in both chefs’ passions for combining the best elements of local ingredients prepared with international flair and flavors. If that’s your thing (and it’s definitely ours), start with some oysters—they’ve almost always got a couple of fresh-flown-in selections for slurping—and then settle in for a decidedly delectable bit of sampling. Order the burger, maybe the seared scallops to share, and a cocktail (or two) with a heavy-on-the local selection of spirits from a few of our fav Utah brands like New World, Waterpocket, and Sugar House Distilleries.

Then cue the cute factor: there’s a charming dim sum cart service that showcases the chefs’ love for experimentation with ever-changing single servings of sass. Recent tastes: steaming mini pots of lamb-broth ramen, duck bulgogi, grilled prawns with house-made kimchi puree, braised octopus, and chicken fried cauliflower. In a nutshell, SLC Eatery’s a dinner (or weekend brunch!) decision that’s as delicious as it is delightful.

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