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The final days of 2019 seem to be counting down faster than a Dick Clark ball drop, and, with winter's chill finally setting in, we've found ourselves fondly looking over a few of our stories that most made you smile. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 (see: most-clicked) stories from the last 365...

1) Apollo Dr | A Place in the Sun

As they say, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it was meant to be.” We like to think that the love affair between our COLLECTIVE and 3602 Apollo Dr is one for the ages. This stellar mid-mod in the Cove has come back to us a handful of times since our own Cody Derrick lived in it, then sold it back in 2010. Each time we hate to see it go (but we love to watch it sell). Full story here.

2) Place of Worship | Eastcapitol

When a few visionary pals spotted this listing of ours up for grabs a few years back, it was something of a diamond in the rough. The Capitol Hill home underwent a to-the-studs remodel, resulting in the stunning space that became the subject of our Place of Worship series (and--no surprise--it was snapped up again shortly after the story's publication). Shine on, you crazy diamond... Full story here.


The anthem is a labor of love, to be sure. Dreamed up over many years and shot over the last two by our favorite videographer, @patfenelon, the anthem is a stunning, 3-minute snapshot of what it is we think this little company of ours is all about. It's interesting homes, both big and small. It's life. It's laughter. It's loving where you love. Simply put, this is us...distilled down to a brief, beautiful video. Full story here.

4) Row 17 | 32 Units

We listed this project from developers Urban Alfandre and the majority of available units sold in a hurry. It's no surprise: these units are sleek, modern, open, and airy--and being perched right across the street from Sweet Lake Biscuits + Limeade certainly doesn't hurt, either. (Looking for a city spot to call your own? There are still a few of these beauties up for grabs.) Full story here.

5) We Designed It, You Can Buy It...

It was the first (of hopefully many) of its kind: a few from our real estate division purchased this unit in Central City's Premier building and elected the hand of a few from our interior design division to breathe beautiful new life into it. In short, we got to showcase all the areas of our COLLECTIVE expertise in one fell swoop: we bought it, we designed it, we sold it. Full story here.

6) Place of Worship | 11th East Live/Work

This live/work space on 1100 East stands as one of the most intentionally designed structures we’ve ever encountered. From the beautiful, paired-down facade to the expansive back deck, every detail here is purposeful and all-too-pretty (not to mention, we're sort of smitten with the doggo that lives inside.) Full story here.

7) Oh, Hello! | On Broadway

A complete remodel in 2018 by AnneMarie Barton Design made this lofty spot a truly immaculate lesson in living intentionally. High-end finishes meld seamlessly with the building's industrial charm, and the result is a sky-high oasis in the city's center. (Like what you see? This space is available!) Full story here.

8) Cabin Fervor | In Alta

The first in a new series showcasing the lives of those that choose to live in the thick of our Wasatch wilderness, this edition of Cabin Fervor took a peek into the life of Lincoln White and his spot in the hills of Alta. Flannels, firesides, and the distant rustling of forest friends? It's a Thoreau-ly satisfying sentiment. Full story here.

9) Maple Grove Hot Springs | Soak It In

Maple Grove Hot Springs is doing its darnedest to offer people a bit of respite from the chaotic motions of day-to-day life. Our profile on this lithium pool paradise highlighted some of the restoration efforts that were underway at the time (meaning in 2020 these folks should have some pretty awesome facilities opening up to go with the already adorable accommodations). Full story here.

10) On Roosevelt | A Brand New Deal

At fewer than 1,400 sq. ft., this tidy Liberty Park number might seem on the meek side to some, but the undeniable uniqueness and surprisingly contemporary interior made this listing on Roosevelt one of our most-clicked stories. It was fresh, it was simple...and it was gone in a hurry. Full story here.

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