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As we’ve said plenty of times before, the importance of “home” cannot be overstated, if only for the fact that, more often than not, it is the sanctuary from which we optimistically begin each day and to which we retreat when plans don’t entirely fall into place. The right to a place in which you feel free to be your most authentic self is, for us, up there with heavy hitters like “life” and “liberty” because, at the end of the day, there’s something undeniably special about giving your heart to a space and feeling that same space reciprocate the sentiment.

These same philosophies informed our every move when we recently decided to put our collective hands to work restoring this veritable diamond in the rough. We’ve waxed philosophical about the importance of aligning “heart” and “home” for a while now—this 922 square foot penthouse allowed us to practice what we so vehemently preach in the most concrete way possible.

Despite falling into disrepair, the apartment in question had all the prerequisites necessary of a stunning home: good bones, prime placement in a beautifully constructed building, and walkability to some of SLC’s finest offerings. So, we scooped it up and set about transforming it into something special. And, after some heavy lifting, dreaming, sweating, second-guessing, and fist-pumping we’re thrilled to announce that it’s done! The candles are lit, the pillows are spruced, and there’s music in the air.

Get ready to meet your match, this one’s hitting the site real soon.

Contact Brian Tripoli at 801.809.9804 for additional details.

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