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The COLLECTIVE is out experiencing art, listening to American Folk and visiting talented tradespeople. Start your weekend off with some dance or if art's more your speed, ogden contemporary arts has you covered.



What: John Craigie at The State Room | 638 S State St 

Why: John is a wonderful Americana folk singer who is performing Sunday night, Feb 5th. The State Room is one of my favorite venues because of the small and intimate feel; every seat in the house has a great view. 

What: Also, I am hosting an open house Saturday February 4th at The Maryland from 11-1pm. Peter and I will welcome you with a cup of coffee and baklava, while you take in the beauty of The Maryland.



What: Kasablanca at Soundwell | 149 W 200 S | Friday February 3rd

Why: Getting out to dance at a small venue downtown is about the best possible way to start the weekend. Kasablanca’s latest release Am I Dreaming is deep, fun and perfect for setting the weekend mood.

CHC Tip: Soundwell has a surprisingly great bar staff and a great local beer list. 



What: Getting a haircut at Stef's Place | 409 N 300 W

Why: Pearl has been my regular hair stylist / barber for a few years. She also cuts my kid's hair. Her haircuts are like art. I can see that she genuinely cares to make her clients happy about their appearance. She has a lot of creativity and skill. Plus, she's fun to talk to. We have a great rapport. I do love the classic barber shop style of the place too. You can drink a beer (or Coke) while you get your haircut and join in the shop talk.

CHC Tip: The music playlists are great. It usually ranges from Willie Nelson to Hip-Hop to new Goth and Punk songs. I'm constantly Shazamming (that's a verb, right?). Try out multiple barbers, so far I've had luck with all of them.



What: Tamara Kostianovsky exhibition opening at Ogden Contemporary Arts | 455 25th St Ogden | Friday February 3rd 6-9pm

Why: Experiencing incredible textile sculptures by this Argentinian-American artist in person! Her work is internationally known and we’re very lucky to have a solo show of hers here in Utah. 

CHC Tip: Arrive early and become an OCA member (it’s $50 for the whole year) and attend happy hour with complimentary drinks and snacks from 4-6pm before every show.

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