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Architect Profile | Lloyd Architects

4/1/2021 | Editeam

The importance of Lloyd Architects to this city’s design community is difficult to overstate, as many of SLC’s finest spaces—both residential and commercial—are the product of this fine firm. Whether designing coffee shops, sustainable farms, or modern homes, Warren Lloyd and his team approach each project with laudable levels of honesty and enthusiasm. Simply put, these folks have a firm-as-can-be grasp on everything from the finer points of kitchen island placement to the socioeconomic implications of built environments...and our state’s landscape is made infinitely better by their expertise. 

Basic Style/Ideology: Lloyd’s mantra is “building from here,” and it's evident in the way he pulls from his structures’ environments when designing. Time spent early in his career as a Monshubo Scholar at the Kobe University in Japan helped mold his style, including the incorporation of spatial patterns found in traditional Japanese architecture. Lloyd prides himself on having helped to build a “design-oriented practice with a diverse staff of young architects,” and the group makes sure that each of their designs is site-specific.

Notable Structures: Snuck Farm, Hillsden House (aka "The White House"), the Timp House, Campos Coffee, Publik Coffee, Powder Mountain Cabins, Park City Mid-Mountain Lodge

Good To Know: As a graduate student, Lloyd interned at The Miller-Hull Partnership and NBBJ in Seattle before working for a few years with residential architect Tom Bosworth, FAIA. He has served as director of AIA Utah, is currently on the board of directors for the Utah Center for Architecture, and serves as a member of the National Advisory Group for AIA CRAN. Lloyd is a licensed architect in Utah and Washington.

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