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These are a few of our favorite things: rooftop gardens, crisp natural wines, the quirky hidden side-streets of SLC, BBQ ribs, brunch mimosa bars, summer gazpacho, and fancy toast with nearly anything on it.

Oh, and coffee. So little in our world gets done well without good (really good) coffee.

Fortunately for we denizens of Deseret, we have access to all of our favorite things at Campos Coffee Roastery & Kitchen tucked into the snug alley known as Edison Street.

Founder Will Young started the Campos brand in Australia in 1997 as part of his search to not only roast superlative coffee with incomparable depth of flavor, but to ensure that Campos’s beans were sourced with care. Their coffee buyers work directly with farmers at origin to source the best sustainably grown quality beans purchased at higher prices than the industry standard. He was also a frequent visitor to Park City and the Sundance Film Festival while the brand was growing throughout Australia.

Young decided that Utah would be an ideal first North American outpost for Campos.

U.S. Head of Retail Hillary Merrill says that the collaboration has been a win-win. “The Park City store is absolutely packed,” she says of the busy resort plaza location. “But the SLC location is more oriented to a full restaurant experience,” Merrill says of the light-filled Edison Street digs with distinctive louvered windows. While the ever-bustling take-out coffee scene at the shop is keeping the neighborhood sufficiently caffeinated all day long, the seated service menu is equally delightful and has a small-but-mighty thoughtful list of wine and local beer selections.


Chef Amanda Huse brings her elegant and light touch to the current summer menu with the aforementioned elements of zippy chilled gazpacho and toast options like our always-fave avo. For those nostalgic for all-things Aussie, there are always a couple of items on the menu including lamb or Vegemite, but the preponderance of ingredient sourcing trends local. Or super local. As in just upstairs. The ahi tuna and wild mushroom-topped toast has satisfyingly sneaky additions of microgreens harvested from the rooftop patio growing boxes. It's an absolute gem of a patio to have downtown (we even mentioned it in our "fav patios" listicle here), and we’ll gladly while away an evening watching the sun drop over the SLC skyline from here. Next up for the fine folks at Campos? They’re planning to make weekends in our salty city even more delicious with rooftop dining specials like BBQ ribs and a (hell yes) brunchy mimosa bar. G’day, indeed.

Campos Coffee | 228 S. Edison St. | 801.953.1512

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