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Valentine’s Day, however you acknowledge it—or don’t—is, quite simply, about a crazy little thing we call L-O-V-E. To some, that’s Netflix and snuggles with a certain someone. To some, it’s making heart-shaped pancakes for those sweet, little kiddos (who sometimes make us want to lock ourselves in the closet and pull our hair out in chunks). To some, it’s a much needed catch-up cocktail with a ride-or-die BFF, and to some, it’s tunes, candles, and a good tub soak (with takeout on deck, of course). To us? It’s a celebration of home and space. It’s an appreciation for jobs that we adore and clients we adore even more. Really, we find this oft commercially-charged day of flowers and cards to be an excuse for one big heart-eyes emoji to our city and to each and every one of you. So, to aid you on your quest for finding love eternal (or just having a great Thursday night) we’ve combined our two great loves—SLC and Y-O-U—and fine-tuned a list of a few of our fav local places to treat yourself and/or the ones you love…

Kiss From a Rose: Where Valentine's Day is concerned, flowers and plants have clearly stood the veritable test of time. Everybody loves at least one of the two, and we happen to be of the school of thought that no home is complete without a little flora. To that end, we suggest you head to Blooms & Co., Thyme & Place, or Cactus & Tropicals to get you or your babe a little potted symbol of your affection. A dozen red long stems are delicious, sure...but we happen to think a nice fiddleleaf fig is just as sweet.

Love Bites: Sweets are kind of a direct conduit to everyone's heart, but a box of chocolates is so played. Instead, put a little effort in...consider a few local makers who have absolutely DIALED dessert. Get your number one some soft serve from Normal Ice Cream, a truffle box from Ritual Chocolate, or a cup of hot choco from Hatch. Not only are these local goods delicious--they're bound to pack the personal punch that a heart-shaped box of chocs picked up from the gas station lacks just a little bit.

Love Shack: You really can't go wrong with a well-chosen addition to your home (or your honey's home). Say, a couple of cute mugs? A new cheese board? Maybe a candle or some incense? And we happen to know a few spots that carry the best versions of all of the above (plus some). Take your act to Arte Haus Collectif, The Stockist, or Fellow Shop for the goods. Nothing like falling squarely in love with your space to kick off your V-Day.

Can't Buy Me Love: S'true. Can't buy love, but clothes and jewelry are fair game. Whether you're picking something up for your BFF, your boo, or your damn self, try one of the following and you're likely to find exactly what you're looking for: Land of Salt, Hathenbruck, Pixel & Torch.

Love on the Rocks: Everyone needs a drink. Especially on Valentine's Day. We don't care if coffee, booze, tea, or sparkling water is your thing...it only matters that you head to the right places to get your beverage of choice. Creek Tea will fill your cup, Beer Bar will bring the craft, and Water Witch will entreat your Valentine's spirit. Whatever you're sippin' on, let's raise a glass to Cupid's sparrow. Funny little bird, but he gets the job done.

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