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One of our favorite things about SLC is the affinity of her locals for the betterment of this city, one boulangerie, bar, or business at a time. In the case of Creek Tea, not only is our community graced with a stylish shop (in a very up-n-coming spot), but we get a built-in culture concept, too.

Here’s how it boils down…

Salt Lake’s beverage baron, Josh Rosenthal (of La Barba Coffee and the forthcoming Seabird Bar), is serving us up a cup of the good stuff, once again. Inspiration struck on a trip to Ukraine, when Josh ordered an afternoon tea and was delighted to find that it was delivered to him in an impeccably designed little pot. It was love at first sight. To Josh, the pot symbolized more than a drink. He was struck with a concept. An idea. And just like that, Creek Tea was born.

Lucky for us, the benefits of the aforementioned revelation are now ours to bask in. The brick and mortar—a cozy, modern, lounge-style setup—is located in the Maven District of Harvey Milk Boulevard. The exterior, itself a striking pop of black, gives way to a wide-open interior that opens up for an inside/outside experience. The Creek Tea menu offers up coffee and bites as well as tea, steeped to perfection and served up in the very ceramic pot that started it all.

Along the tables, you’ll find handpicked books of all sorts, each one for sale. The area for sitting and sipping is a beautiful blend of swank and comfort, and one of the coziest we’ve seen. And, while the concept of "tea time" is still a bit foreign to those of us in the US of A, Josh’s hope is that Creek Tea will allow patrons to come in and make themselves at home, to relax in a solace from society’s bustling norm, and to make time for tea. Chances are, it’ll satisfy a lot more than thirst.

Sit. Sip. Stay a while.

Creek Tea | 155 E Harvey Milk Blvd.

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