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Studio Visit | Emily Plewe

2/9/2023 | Samuel Johnson
Lauren Kerr | Kerri Fukui

Upcoming at cityhomeUNDERGROUND: two-person art exhibition featuring Emily Plewe and Colour Maisch, presented by cityhome agents Samuel Johnson and Kelly Carper

Art awakens feelings in your mind and body that can transport you someplace unique.

The feelings can be endlessly vast and leave you wanting more. It has planted its roots around our CHC hearts and we’re head over heels about the creativity pulsing through our city. Submitting ourselves to art is something we take seriously at cityhome and we could not be happier to share the work of Emily and Colour with you. Be it deep ocean views, rolling landscapes, sprawling vastness, or quantum entanglement, inspiration makes its way to the receptive artist.

Emily paints concepts and feelings evoked from quantum physics and allows it to guide her through her art.

Reflecting on her 2003 NASA desk calendar she calls “her bible,” she gives us a glimpse into the source of her outer space color inspiration. Combining her two passions into one, physics and the world of fine art, she unfolds a mathematical phenomenon onto each canvas. She spends her studio time listening to lectures of physicists, exploring what reality looks like in the deepest corners of space and of course, putting this study into her work. Emily plays with the different lighting, colors, and textures that lie deep within the seemingly empty black space. Peering inward and drawing from cosmological ingenuity, she creates an outwards expression that transfixes you with glimmers of color tearing through a sea of overwhelming blackness.


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