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Each year it gets better. Salt Lake Design Week (SLDW) brings together the state’s top thinkers and doers in architecture and design with studio tours, pro panels, and cross-disciplinary discussion. All sponsored annually by Utah’s chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). We’ll even be hosting an engaging panel here at our COLLECTIVE offices and a hands-on studio tour and panel with one of our favorite innovative metal fabricators, Meta Designs. Of the chock full of awesome roster for the week, here’s a handful of highlights that we’re particularly keen on checking out.   

1 ) Monday, October 7th, we’ll be hosting the Utah Young Architects Forum ‘Meet the Masters’ conversation with noted architect Ken Pollard. Doors open at 6pm for drinks and mingling, presentation promptly at 7pm. 21+ only, please. Tickets are free, but attendees must register in advance here.

2) Tuesday, October 8th don’t miss a limited screening of the groundbreaking film Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, sponsored by the Utah Center for Architecture and Utah Film Center. This powerful discussion of design’s impact on the human and global environment begins at 7pm at SLC’s library mothership. Tickets here

3) Wednesday, October 9th (open studio 5-8 pm, panel discussion 6-7pm) get ready to immerse yourself in cutting edge designs using all types of metal. This collaboration with cityhomeCOLLECTIVE design team and the fine folks at Meta Designs brings together a conversation about design and architecture featuring metals, heavy and otherwise. $10 includes food, drinks, the studio tour, and a (hell yes) fabrication and welding tutorial. Click here for tickets. 

4) Thursday, October 10th brings at topic near and dear to our hearts at the CHC Design Studio: the crucial role of empathy in design. Join us for this important discussion of awareness in client care, environmental impacts, and cultural and societal needs in the world of design. Led by CHC owner/founder Cody Derrick, Design Director Lauren Bald and three of CHC’s senior designers. No ticket required, see you at 4pm. More info here. 

5) Friday, October 11th kick off the weekend at the opening party for the Utah Design Exhibit (UDx), an annual furniture and design show featuring emerging and established interior designers and furniture artists. This year they’ve added a new twist to the exhibition with a design competition featuring an iconic element of design: The Chair. Tickets and more info about the Trolley Square event here.

And, be sure to check out the full Salt Lake Design Week line-up here

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