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During the past 6 months, few sectors have been upended more severely than the restaurant industry. Yet, for all the disruption, the ingenuity displayed by our city’s local chefs, restauranteurs, servers, and bartenders has ensured that delicious, comforting food remains well within reach during these troubled times. While there’s no shortage of delicious options to be found in SLC, for those in need of good ol’ home cooking without an accompanying sink full of dishes, there’s no better option than Salt City Kitchen. 

It’s precisely what the CDC guidelines ordered

As states began to shut down and shelter in place orders descended, Katie McKeon (a beloved cityhome client and all-around ace of a human being) decided to put her many years of restaurant experience and abundance of culinary knowledge to work, ensuring that her friends remained well-fed in the face of the looming pandemic. Thus Salt City Kitchen was born. While Katie’s endeavor was far more “passion project” than “potential business” to begin with, word spread, and now, rather than denying people the opportunity to take food prep off of their plates once a week, she’s kept things running—much to the delight of many locals. 

As of now, Salt City Kitchen provides fun, inventive, and undeniably drool-worthy family-style meals delivered to your door every Thursday (be sure to place your orders by noon on Wednesday), and their offering caters to meat and veggie lovers alike. While our COLLECTIVE favorite remains the tikka masala naan tacos, previous options have also included the likes of creamy Mediterranean chicken, coconut baked tofu with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, and a beef bolognese lasagna flavorful enough to bring you to tears.

Be sure to check out Salt City Kitchen’s new website and remember to treat yourself to “Tastier Thursdays”

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