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Quint-Essentials | The Suite-est Thing

8/22/2018 | Ryan Holbrook

As summer winds to a close, our COLLECTIVE focus has started to shift inward from porches and patios to more enclosed, snug spaces. And, as those carefree poolside afternoons begin to appear increasingly in our rear-view, we thought it prescient to profile the part of “home” that enables you bread-winners and caregivers to tackle even the toughest of times...

Aaaah, the main suite.

That’s right, the latest installation of our Quint-Essentials series is all about those spatial-slices that cradle us at our most candid, be it dead-tired and dejected after “one of those days” or bed-headed, morning-breathed, and maybe-still-tipsy after “one of those nights”. They’re the spots we depend on for replenishment after the former and re-polishing after the latter, and, for that alone, the importance of our most private of quarters cannot be overstated. In that spirit, here are five of our fav bed-bath duos, straight from the archives.

1) Mid-Mod Condo

This vintage condo illustrates that exuberant square footage is in no way a pre-req when it comes to stellar digs. Thanks to that decadent black wall and the warm-but-minimal furnishings, the bedroom is deftly den-like, with all the “cozy” and none of the clutter, and tailor-made for nighttime Netflix-ing. The bathroom, on the other hand, stays suit with simplicity, but trades dark for light and bright, making it the ideal spot to start your day. Full story here.

2) Crestwood Remodel

This fine revamp was the work of some of our favorite clients, who turned out such solid work that the Olympus Cove space was scooped up by a buyer in short order. The main suite and adjoining bath serve to perfectly represent the work that was done throughout -- it's all something of a haven. Clean lines, cozy aspen views, and a freestanding tub that's all but begging for bubbles (both in the water and in your glass) make for a bed and bath you're unlikely to leave. Full story here.

3) Canyon Gate casa

“Wall of windows overlooking pristine, pine-dotted vistas” aside (though, can you ever really put those views aside?), this Park City pad has a lot of good going for it. Design-wise, the space in question is as clean as they come. The attached deck is prime habitat for a pair of Adirondacks, and come wintery weather, just park yourself inside the bedroom door and have at the same, unimpeded views. Those same views are yours to devour in the en suite, too, be it from the shower or tub. Sunroom...bathroom. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Full story here

4) Ross Dr Mid-Mod

A choice relic from one of our very favorite of bygone eras, this mid-mod joint has got all the modular shelving and wood siding one could ask for. There’s natural light aplenty and a spot to sit and read in the window, but we're really smitten with that arched doorway between the bed and bath. A couple of statement pieces leave little reason to ever venture beyond this epochal oasis. Case in point: that fireplace...that tub. Full story here.

5) Kristianna Circle Modern

Already enshrined in our Housing Hall of Fame, any treatise on stand-out main suites would be wholly incomplete without this spatial masterstroke. The sleeping quarters at 1510 Kristianna Circle are connected to the rest of the home in a loft-like manner but remain secluded and serene enough to diffuse even “Zuckerberg in front of congressional panel” stress levels (see: grey, clammy skin). No matter what your particular brand of R&R might be, a space like this--and a shower like that--are always sure to satisfy. Full story here.

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