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At cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, celebrating the beauty of our environment, both constructed and natural, is a core value; and since our inception, we’ve worked damn hard to lift up those local artists and artisans who’ve given so much blood, sweat and tears to our community. Our cozy, little spot on South Temple has long served as a place to showcase the work of this town’s talented artists, and we are thrilled to announce a few additions from our friends over at Modern West. Take a moment to read about these fascinating humans, and then come on down and see for yourself why we curated these particular pieces of art. 

exploring themes of queer identity, masculinity, idealism...

ANDREW MONCRIEF Now living in Berlin, Andrew Moncrief is a long time friend of our Collective. His work is figurative, focusing on depictions of the body, exploring themes of queer identity, masculinity, idealism as well as investigating subjectivities and queerness.

"I am drawn to the tension that exists in the in-between."

SHALEE COOPER Shalee Cooper’s work is an exploration of form and balance. She builds her compositions through the use of positive and negative space, leaving out as much as she adds to explore the juxtaposition between intention and possibility. “I am drawn to the tension that exists in the in-between. What is not there within my compositions holds the same importance as what is,” she says. Shalee’s painting, “Phoenix,” which can be seen through the front windows of our office, is currently available for sale! Reach out to Modern West directly or to [email protected] with inquiries.

"...commentary on contemporary politics and society."

ANDREW ALBA A self-taught artist and descendant of Mexican migrant workers, Andrew Alba creates large scale paintings and drawings that evoke an emotional response while offering relevant commentary on contemporary politics and society. We’re thrilled to have his vibrant portraits punctuating our real estate offices. See his available work at Modern West.

“...through the suffering and degradation of both mind and material”

MARK SEELY In addition to being one of our OG real estate agents, Mark Seely is a talented multi-media artist, photographer and abstract painter whose work we are proud to prominently display. “Painting is my attempt to convey true purity through the suffering and degradation of both mind and material,” he says. Check out his art here.

"a visual record of movement..."

PAUL REYNOLDS We acquired one of Paul Reynold’s line paintings to set a soothing tone for our interior design office. His minimal compositions start with oil glazes over raw birch-wood and are finished with a visual record of movement, created without looking at the painting. (You may have also spotted his work hanging in one of our recent listings.) Browse more of his art at Modern West.

Need inspiration for collecting and living with art? Check out The Art of Home blog series where we visit collectors and art lovers in their space with our art curator-turned-realtor, Kelly Carper.

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