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Design Exhibit Recap | Buy Local!

10/30/2019 | Ryan Holbrook
Nick Neuberger

We’re consistently delighted by the amount of cool stuff happening in SLC, and this year’s Utah Design Exhibit only solidified our excitement for the direction in which this city is headed. Intended as a platform for local makers and designers to showcase their pieces, the exhibit perfectly encapsulated the glut of talent--both burgeoning and already established--that exists in studios and workshops throughout Salt Lake. And, while the breadth of the ability displayed at the show certainly bodes well for the future of our creative communities, it also offers an incredible incentive to support local. In that spirit, we’ve decided to highlight a couple of our favorite pieces from the exhibit in the hopes that they find their way into some lucky person’s space.

1) Tectonic Folding Chair by Eric Jacoby (@ericjacobydesign)

A smart, well-taken effort to “hotrod the functional need of a compact, fold-away chair,” the Tectonic Folding Chair is an elegant upgrade to an otherwise mundane object. The all-white colorway lends a degree of minimalist appeal to a silhouette that is complex and technical. Plus, the chair is arguably more intuitive to unfold (and certainly more comfortable) than its more-traditional counterparts. Click here for more info.

2) Brass Pedestal Series by Ben Manheimer (

Meant to highlight a process loosely dubbed “open-air casting” by maker Ben Manheimer, this pedestal series is visually engaging and altogether intriguing in its thoughtful manipulation of materials. Rippling sheets of once-molten, highly polished brass--carefully bent to mirror the curve of the steel shape beneath them--present a stunning surface that could easily stand as a centerpiece in any space. Click here for more info.

3) Walnut Lounge Chair by Justin Brown (@justinbrowndesigns)

While the intention behind Justin Brown’s walnut lounge chair is refreshingly humble--to provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture--its silhouette is undeniably intriguing. Subtle tweaks to the chair’s form imbue what is, at first glance, an unassuming piece of furniture with intriguingly fluid lines and angles. And, while said shapes are certainly easy on the eye they are carefully measured to ensure optimal comfort and lumbar support, as well. Click here for more info. 

4) The Serafin Chair by Colby Carper (@saltedgrain)

Intended to serve a family with myriad needs, Colby Carper’s Serafin Chair seamlessly navigates the area between “inviting” and “elegant.” The piece’s soft angles, slender silhouette, and weighty materials (solid walnut and brass) combine to create an object that is delicate and dignified but still undeniably warm. All told, it’s a piece made timeless and versatile through its top-notch design. Click here for more info.

5) Rope Chair by Ben Manheimer (

Accessible but inventive, the Rope Chair has long been a favorite of ours. Its shape is soft and inviting but still visually engaging and its construction is as robust as can be. Plus, its design enables an immense amount of color customization, thereby allowing the chair to function as either a muted, comfortable addition or an intriguing focal point. Click here for more info.

6) Side Tables by Sam Tresco (@white_gorge_designs)

While the materials used in Sam Tresco’s collection of side tables are certainly reminiscent of certain mid-century modern design elements, the pieces themselves are undeniably forward-looking. Comprised of striking, technical angels, designed with a strong eye for sustainability, and fastidiously engineered to be as robust as possible, each table--while masterful upon close inspection--is understated enough to slot seamlessly into almost any space. Click here for more info.

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