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We’re real estate agents, first and foremost, so pardon our business talk for a moment. It has recently come to our attention that some citizens of SLC are under the impression that they can’t afford us. This is bananas...

Truth is, we help people in ALL price ranges to buy and sell their spaces. Regardless of what you might believe, we don’t charge any more than 3% (those inclined to do a touch of research will find this to be ”just right” by a Goldilocks scale of measurement). For this, we’ll go to bat for you and negotiate the best price–whether you’re buying or selling. We’ll invite you into our on-going COLLECTIVE group hug, have your back, hold your hand, fight your fight, and keep your peace. Not to mention you’ll get all the perks of being represented by some of the best real estate agents in the industry. And we love when clients tell us that our fees are far less than they expected. (Feel like being pleasantly surprised? Come on in and hear it for yourself.) Consider this soap box put away, but we’ll take your ear for a minute more, if you’ll have us…

We are a small, locally-owned, real estate brokerage. We sell homes and design spaces in this fine city of ours, and we are intimately connected to her. We’re smitten by her. At times, we’re heartbroken by her, but we never, ever stop loving her. As devoted disciples of the importance of space and good design, we gush over exceptional homes. We curate them, we tell their stories, and we sell them. A helluva lot of them. As a result, those with the most unique homes are drawn to us, and some of SLC’s most incredible spaces have graced our digital pages. Despite our own best efforts, though, we sometimes fall victim to our own success. Perception has it that cityhomeCOLLECTIVE is unaffordable. Unattainable, even. Some kindly folks have pined that they cannot afford to use us. And rather than get bogged down in the why?how?what the?, we’d rather just reframe the dialogue with an opinion of our own. That is, you can’t afford NOT to use us.

For the buyer: we live in an age where every quantifiable bit of information about a residence can be found online. There are search engines that will allow a buyer to filter a property search down to whether or not the dishwasher is a built-in or portable. Such information is wonderful and powerful. To a degree. (Really, who wants to chase after that Maytag scooting across the almond green linoleum floor?) But what about finding that space that speaks to the soul? A place that reflects your personality? In a neighborhood that does likewise? Fancy algorithms can’t do that, and neither can many realtors. But this–this connecting of people to the spaces that suit their souls–it’s what we were born to do. It’s in our blood. We are tailors at the craft of matchmaking home to human. Trust us: we are really, really good. As a COLLECTIVE, we have explored every nook and blessed cranny of this town. From the top of the Avenues to the southernmost tip of Olympus Cove, we’ve been there (Provo, Ogden, Syracuse, Sandy, Park City too!). Consider us that kindly, informed concierge who knows all the best spots.

For the seller: use us. We are a COLLECTIVE in every sense of the word: realtors, designers, artists, writers, financial strategists, and marketing magii. We run a website that generates over fifty thousand hits a month from visitors all over the globe. (Perhaps you’ve seen it?) We’ve been locally and nationally recognized. We throw open houses like it was your birthday, and we invite the whole damn town. The parts of our sum sit on the board of UMOCA, are part of the Utah Historical Society, Salt Lake Film Society, and Salt Lake Modern. We’ve partnered with Ballet West, the Human Rights Campaign, AIGA, and a slew of other local movers and shakers. And our skills in the art of negotiating real estate rival our passion for incredible architecture (that’s saying something). And on average, we sell homes 42% faster than those listed with other brokerages in the Salt Lake area. Why? Because we believe in the value of your house as much as you do, because we know your house is more than square footage, beds, baths, and central air. It’s home.

We love our clients. We love our followers. Whether you’re looking to move on or move in: we are yours.

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