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Spring Break is officially behind us, and we're in a full-on sprint toward summer. And while we know that we've still got at least one freak flurry ahead of us, it doesn't keep us from daydreaming about months spent on patios, at parks, and in the hills without a parka. For those of you looking for a bit of inspiration on where to spend your warmer days and nights, might we suggest The Weekenders. This COLLECTIVE series seeks to showcase all the stunning spaces that Utahns hold in our own backyard, and to urge you all to get out in it. In stories past, we've brought you to Yellowstone, Moab, and Mystic Hot Springs, but today we're going east. Yes, we're headed to Utah's perhaps-most-tabloided-about town, Park City, for a cozy, quiet retreat. But this spot is home to more than a yearly surge in out of towners--it hosts some of the state's best powder, insanely pretty views, and some amazing eateries. 

There's a lot of hype about this place, but in all truth,the hype is real.

get on up

PARK CITY, 45 MINUTES: At just under an hour from downtown SLC, this place is close folks. Before Bob Redford blew Utah's best-kept secret, this was a tiny mountain town, and the remnants of her humble roots are still abundant. The streets up here are modestly-sized, but--unless you venture up anytime mid-January--the traffic is relatively light. The route is relatively simple: hop in I-80 and head east for 30 or so, then exit at Kimball Junction. Once you get to downtown Park City, parking is next to nill, so make sure to find a garage or an airBNB with a spot. 

Check In: Art House Park City, 133 Main Street, Park City -- There are loads of places to stay here, and more than a handful of lavish hotels (we recommend giving the Washington Schoolhouse Hotel a whirl at least once). But, for this low-key excursion, we elected to stay at Cody's historic space at the top of Main Street. The renovated home is tiny, but houses a beautifully-modern interior--which you can see in our Interior Design section--and a "space used right" kind of design mantra. Thanks to a touch of smart thinking, you can comfortably sleep 6 people in beds (or 10+, if you've got some willing crashers for the massive couches). Perched just next door to Grappa, the home is just steps from all the goods of mid- to lower-Main, so we spent the weekend commuting the old fashioned way...on foot. Said well-designed casa is available on Airbnb for rentals. See it (and get it) here.

this is the easy part

Eat Out: Handle, 136 Heber Ave, Park City; Riverhorse Provisions, 221 Main St., Park City -- If you love HSL, we highly recommend visiting her older sister, Handle. We've gushed on this one in the past, and it's no wonder. Perched on Main Street, this is one of our favorite eateries in Utah, hands down. Briar Handly knows food, and we love what he's cooking up. They've also recently taken over Hathenbruck space just behind the restaurant, allowing for a few more visitors. Sometimes, however, when you're in Park City, you wanna just hunker down in your cabin/rental and cook for yourself. In the past, that's been a tough gig for those staying on Main, as there isn't really a traditional store (like, the grocery kind) within walking distance. Enter Riverhorse Provisions...an extension of the fantastic and well-known restaurant that will offer "artisanal cuisine available through a full deli case, fresh cuts of high grade meat and fish, breakfast, lunch and aprés ski menus, crafted coffee drinks, customized gift baskets, and in-home private chef as well as catering services." Order up.

Spend Pesos: Park City Mercantile, 523 Main St., Park City -- You don't need to spend dough to enjoy PC. Still, there are a few places on perfectly-charming Main Street just begging for a couple of impulse buys. One of our favorites is Park City Mercantile, a cozy and well-culled shop with vibes of minimalism, Scandinavian tendencies, and straight-up good taste. Think: gorgeous wool blankets, some pottery, candles, and the like. It's a good spot for those finishing touches that your home/condo/apartment so desperately wants.





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