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Architect Profile | Sparano + Mooney

9/4/2019 | Ryan Holbrook
Sparano + Mooney

Simply put, Sparano + Mooney’s decades of experience and robust dedication to both physical and theoretical excellence have been—and continue to be—the driving force behind some of Utah’s most architecturally ambitious projects. Originally founded in Los Angeles, the firm opened a Salt Lake office in 2004 and have since used it as a base from which to tackle projects throughout the Mountain West. Consequently, the welcome fingerprints of founders John Sparano and Anne Mooney can be found throughout the region on everything from remote private residences to aspirational community spaces and beyond.

Dates: 1997 - Present

Schooling: John Sparano and Anne Mooney pursued their educations at London’s Architectural Association and Columbia University and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, respectively.

Basic Style / Ideology: As a firm, Sparano + Mooney draws inspiration from the rich and timeless lineage of modern architecture. Guided by a deep interest in both materials and technique, their chief directive on any project is to create warm, inviting environments that respond uniquely to each individual client and site.

Notable Projects: Sparano + Mooney’s portfolio contains some of the most groundbreaking residences and well-known public spaces in the state. The Emigration Canyon Residence, for instance, was the first home in the state of Utah to be given a LEED Silver Green certification and was also prominently featured in an issue of Dwell Magazine. The Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art and the St. Joseph the Worker Church, meanwhile, are just a few of the striking public buildings designed by the firm.

Good to Know: In addition to her architectural practice, Anne Mooney also works as a professor at the University of Utah School of Architecture where she helps to mentor and cultivate emergent generations of design talent.

Sparano + Mooney has garnered plenty of attention for their whip-smart builds. In addition to bringing home several prestigious awards from the American Institute of Architects, they have has also been recognized as one of the ten best architecture firms where work in mountain settings is concerned. 

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