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Architect Profile | Lloyd Architects

12/30/2021 | Brian Tripoli
Lauren Kerr | Kerri Fukui

People-first design comes naturally to the kind folks at Lloyd Architects. Both their residential and commercial projects nod to their warm and thorough approach to the folks who inhabit them. Educated in Washington, Utah is lucky to have this deliberate team creating structures that both, care about the nature they are surrounded by and the people who drive said design process. At cityhome we love good design, we love good people and we love our natural landscape. If you care to get to know an architecture firm that loves what we love, have a look at our friends Warren, Jennifer and Crew. 

Dates: 2000 - Present

Schooling: Both Warren and Jennifer pursued their education at the University of Washington, Warren a Masters in Architecture and Jennifer a Masters in Slavic Languages & Literature. 

Basic Style / Ideology: As a firm with over twenty years of well-crafted work, Lloyd Architects embraces the concept of a ‘human-focused’ practice where creating a sense of place is paramount. 

Notable Projects: Lloyd Architects' portfolio contains an inspired collection of both residential and commercial projects. Among their current undertakings, The Granary Campus SLC stands out as particularly interesting. A significant transformation of one of Salt Lake’s historic warehouses, this revitalized structure will house several outdoor focussed businesses. Companies such as evo Hotel, a skatepark and the much anticipated Salt Lake Bouldering Project will all soon call SLC home.

Good to Know: In addition to their architectural contributions, Warren and Jennifer have fostered several refugee children from Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Both feel passionately about providing opportunity for every child to be raised and nurtured in a family, no matter its configuration.

here are a few of their projects we've featured

bear lake cabin + holladay home + Snuck farm


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