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Architect Profile | Imbue Design

7/18/2019 | Ryan Holbrook

One of the most potent catalysts in this state’s increase in rad, modern structures—not to mention a subject of our perennial admiration—Imbue Design is a local firm whose artful builds admirably reflect the robust ideology on which the company was founded. After graduating from architecture school, Imbue’s founders Matt Swindel, Chris Talvy, and Hunter Gundersen simultaneously decided to eschew traditional career paths at large architecture firms in order to avoid taking on projects that they weren’t “fully in love with.” Over a decade later, that rule remains unbreached. Every Imbue space is fastidiously developed to both enrich the lives of its occupants and promote a sense of conscious, authentic living…and their robust portfolio certainly reflects as much. 

Dates: 2008 - Present

Schooling: All three founding members were in the same graduating class during both their undergraduate and graduate careers at the University of Utah’s School of Architecture. 

Notable Structures: Primarily focused on residential builds, Imbue is behind many of the striking modern homes scattered around SLC and its surrounding areas, including this particular number. Plus, their upcoming projects include a number of compelling spots set throughout southern Utah.

Basic Style/Ideology: As the name suggests, Imbue is squarely focused on whipping up designs that are packed with meaning and significance. Each of the firm’s three founders is a self-proclaimed minimalist, and this proclivity is aptly reflected in their work. However, beyond simply serving as an aesthetic mode, Imbue’s adherence to minimalism allows them to create spaces where simplicity fosters uncluttered, deliberate living.

Good To Know: All three founders still sit, bumping elbows, at the same desk that they started at way back in 2008. 


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