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Top 8 cityhomeDESIGN Picks: Chairs

8/8/2018 | cityhomeDESIGN

Our interior design team is as diverse as it is creative, and inspiration is easily enough found by scrolling through our project portfolio. But in the effort to get a little more personal, we asked each of our savvy designers to speak to their very favorite chairs. From experimental to traditional, and everything in between, what you see below are the best seats in the house.

1. Stag Chair by Rick Owens
Cody Derrick: ​"If my design aesthetic were to be condensed from a concept to a chair, I think it would be this Rick Owens piece. It's the perfect illustration of contradictory design. A combination of minimalism and maximalism. Form before function, but also precisely the opposite. Organic and structural and simple, but so very complicated at the same time. Simply put, it's an art piece. Sit in it if you like, but I think you'll probably spend most of your time staring at the god damn thing. I love it."

2. Chandigarh Office Cane Chair by Pierre Jeanneret
Rebecca Loosli: "The Office Cane Chair was designed to correspond with the architectural planning lead by Le Corbusier for the city of Chandigarh in India during the mid 1900s. Originally meant for administrative use, I find the chair surprisingly elegant and striking. It is sculptural enough to be a statement piece, but understated enough for use as a dining chair."

3. Deck Chair by BDDW
Helena Morozoff: "Designed as indoor and outdoor piece, this chair is truly an outstanding addition to any room/deck. A unique blend of fabric (smooth leather and soft, fuzzy sheep skin) and mixture of a welded bronze base with wood, this piece adds visual interest to any room. It's dressy and casual, traditional and avant garde. And the fact that it has built-in drink table suitable for your cocktail (or a landing spot for your laptop) and leather body that only gets more beautiful with age makes this my perfect chair."

4. Cocoon Lounge Chair by Martin Kechayas
Brea Valenzuela
: "This chair is a modern twist on the classic egg chair, meshing together bold colors and rattan texture. I love furniture that allows you to escape within your own create a cozy private nook, perfect for a good book."

5. Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner
Pamela Jewell: ​"
Not only was the Flag Halyard chair a representation of pushing the design envelope in it's time of development (1950), but it remains a little outside-the-box by today's standards. We've seen it in many high-end architectural spaces as well as low-key, curated ones. The versatility of this piece is matched only by its comfort and curiosity. Great design at its best!"

6. Wingback by BDDW
Susannah Holmberg: "Loving this chair right now because it’s a classic with small moments of rebellion, such that it looks new and timeless at the same time. It could work equally well in a slick modern space or one layered with antiques. It’s also been made by hand--no mass production in sight--and that’s becoming more and more imperative to good design."

7. Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer
Lauren Bald: "Seeing this chair in real life was the first time I ever comprehended that a chair could be something 'designed'. My grandfather had these chairs in his office when I was a kid, and I remember noting at the time there was something special about them. I used to slide on the seat through the back like it was a jungle gym. I was, and still am, completely amazed by the unique design. It’s hard to believe this was designed in’s so futuristic, and yet timeless."

8. Z Chair by Poul Jensen
Bre Snow: "Call it cliche, but I love a good quintessential, Scandinavian mid-century chair. Sleek lines, soft edges, tailored cushion."

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