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Top 6 Spots for Hangover Brunch

6/27/2019 | Editeam
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Most of us have been there. You awaken after a night of casual debauchery and the drinking of adult bevies only to be struck with one primal thought: FOOD. Yes, it may have been more frequent in our early-20s, but even the best of us grown-ups has had our morning overturned by "art gallery opening wine" or a few too many spritzers at Red Butte. No matter your age—and no matter the calibre of the culprit—there are a few choice places town that are all-but built for curing the modern hangover. Without further ado, here are a few…

1. RYE: As far as maybe-still-drunk mimosas go, RYE is one of our favorite neighborhood spots. With a location as super-cool as this one (right next door to Urban Lounge, in fact), it’s no surprise that RYE is popping with people from all walks most mornings—but especially weekends. This place brings Asian-fusion to all their classic American dishes, but for post-night-out refuel, we recommend the whiskey and waffle (their crispy, delicious take on chicken and waffles), the breakfast bowl (rice, house-made kimchi, and pork belly), or the good, ol’ fashioned steak and eggs. Add a cup of local joe, and you’re full steam ahead to recovery. 239 S. 500 E., breakfast served Mon. - Fri. 9:00a - 2:30p, Sat. - Sun. 9:00a - 3:00p.

2. The Park: A longstanding favorite among SLC brunch circles, The Park’s menu is laden with dishes sure to alleviate even the most acute symptoms. While almost every item here includes some delicious combination of eggs and meat, the Michigan Hash (sausage, onion, green pepper, and mushroom grilled with Park Potatoes and topped with two eggs and cheddar) and the Huevos Mexicanos are both particularly potent cures. Best of all, the service is snappy and the servers are friendly. When you're finished, head to Liberty Park (it's across the street) to walk it off. 604 E. 1300 S., 7:00a - 3:00p daily

3. Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade: It’s no secret that a sure-fire way to cure the post-party queazies is a bit of Southern-fried hospitality. The biscuits at Sweet Lake will sop up any and all remnants of a boozy night in short order, and a frosty glass of mint limeade will wash it down oh-so-nicely. We recommend the Biscuit Bar (one with gravy, one with crazy-good house jam), the Hoss (topped with fried chicken, egg, bacon, cheese, and gravy), or the Basic (sausage, cheese, and gravy). Bonus: Sweet Lake slings a few choice cocktails, for those in need of a little hair o’ the dog. 54 W. 1700 S., Mon. - Fri. 7:00a - 3:00p, Sat. - Sun. 7:00a - 4:00p

4. Blue Plate Diner: Quite possibly the quintessential “diner” of SLC, this Foothill spot serves breakfast all day every day, so grabbing a short stack is no problem no matter when you finally roll out of bed. Along with sausage links, pulled pork, and bacon on anything your heart desires, Blue Plate also specializes in vegan and vegetarian fare. A few of our favorite things: the breakfast sando (the meatless “chik’n” patty is actually delish), the Classic Blue (eggs any style with home fries and toast), or the smothered breakfast burrito. *Editor’s choice: be sure to nab to coffee milkshake for a digestif--you won’t be disappointed. 2041 S. 2100 E., 7:00a - 9:00p daily

5. Cafe Niche: Not typically known for greasy, gut-busting fare, Niche’s menu actually boasts a couple of plates that are well-suited to soaking up last night’s liquid remnants. The Niche Breakfast affords you the option of creating your own delicious combo of eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and some additional sides (pro tip: get the house-made English muffin, if you know what’s good for you), and the corned beef hash is both sizable and remarkably well-executed. Plus, this patio is summertime per-fection. 779 E. 300 S., 8:00a - 9:00p daily

6. Penny Ann’s: Penny Ann’s specializes in the sort of no-frills, wholly indulgent food that morning-after dreams are made of. Nearly every item on the menu goes all-in where both caloric intake and cooktop grease are concerned. Case in point: their hash browns are more of a french fry/potato chip hybrid than anything else. And their famed “heavenly hotcakes,” depending on the batch, range anywhere from remarkably solid to undeniably transcendent. Grab a few and let the healing begin. 
1810 S. Main St, 7:00a - 2:30p daily

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