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To sum up the Seabird experience in one word: clever. Billed as a cocktail and vinyl bar, spending time at Seabird is a sensory feast for the ears, eyes, and taste buds. The drinks? A tight selection of craft beers, top-notch (yet unfussy) cocktails, and a thoughtful smattering of no-ABV’s like Fentimans craft sodas, full-strength Mexican Coke or savory, zero-carb, Lagunitas hoppy refresher. The small but mighty-tasty snack menu trends toward perfect bar bites of almonds, olives, local charcuterie, crostini, and cheeses. Even the charming geometric logo is a spin on the owners’ love of old school vinyl, with the beak of the stylized gull reminiscent of a record player’s needle. Clever, indeed...

If making clever moves were a business tutorial, the team at Seabird could teach a master class.

As envisioned by partners Josh Rosenthal (from COLLECTIVE fave La Barba Coffee), Asher Seevinck, and Jameel Gaskins, Seabird’s locations in Draper (rejoice, ye of the south valley!) and on the upper level of The Gateway (finally making a much-needed comeback!) are making Seabird a destination for the denizens of both locales.

The light touch on design by architect Jared Wright is a delight. Clean, smart, and scaled with thoughtfulness to the compact space, the vinyl selection serves as both a decorative element and practical, accessible storage. The Gateway location is a near-perfect spot for pre-show drinks before heading off to the theatre or The Depot, or an easy stroll/scooter ride for folks living or working nearby. Weeknight people-watching on the Olympic Plaza-perched patio is not to be missed, with views of film screenings, concerts, and summertime goat yoga (Goga? Yogat?) classes.

We love a risk-taker.

Those fearless folks who go for their dreams, design their spaces with balls-out bravery, or stick to their guns when ferreting out emerging locations. And we love ‘em even more when they are open slinging drinks (even on Sundays!) in spots that were formerly whiskeyless wastelands. For those seeking a jolly libation and a tune or two, Seabird’s a good egg, indeed.

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