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Petal Coop | Flor-al Intents and Purposes

2/13/2019 | Mark Seely
Kerri Fukui

If there’s one impetus behind The Petal Coop it’s that, according to owner Natalie Cruz, petals have the power to make people happy. Consequently, Natalie has spent plenty of time coming up with creative ways to hook SLC up with all kinds of fresh stems. Her initiative started out with the aptly titled Petal Pusher—a ridiculously cute, artfully repurposed 1968 Volkswagen truck laden with all kinds of lovely blossoms for sale. While the Petal Pusher can still be found posted up in neighborhoods throughout the city, Natalie and Petal Coop also recently expanded to a brick and mortar spot, as well. 

It's all about giving flowers to the people. 

Located in the Maven District, The Petal Coop’s new “flower bar” is an innovative, hands-on approach to floral retail where customers are encouraged to create their own arrangement from an extensive selection of sold by the stem options. And, in an effort to further educate people on how to incorporate fresh flowers into their spaces, The Petal Coop also offers classes covering everything from floral arranging and seasonal wreath creating. Plus, Natalie is fervently dedicated to using locally sourced flora whenever possible, meaning Petal Coop is truly of the indigenous-business variety.

Petal Coop | 145 E 900 S | Website

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