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Nestled up just to the south of Harvard and Yale, 15th & 15th is a slightly younger, hipper cousin to its neighbor to the north. Lining these picturesque streets, you’ll find a wonderful assemblage of modern digs, stately Tudors, and bungalows, at the center of which sit some of the city’s best local businesses. If a quick stroll down a picturesque street for a morning cuppa, freshly baked pastry, and new paperback sounds at all appealing, this might be the spot for you. 

1) Tulie Bakery. One of our all-time favorite spots to grab something sweet, Tulie’s 15th & 15th outpost embodies everything we have come to love from this wonderful local operation. The storefront is elegant and uncluttered, the inside follows suit, and the pastries are some of the best around. Translation: it’s the perfect weekend spot to camp out, grab a coffee, and dig into the Sunday crossword. 

2) The King's English. Nestled in a cottage-turned-book store, The King’s English hits all the crucial notes for a local purveyor of good reads. Their selection is extensive, the staff is friendly and always willing to lend a winning recommendation, and the vibe is as quintessentially charming as it gets. Wandering the cramped, winding corridors here is a favorite pastime of many locals, making The King’s English one of the neighborhood’s crowning jewels.  

3) Sweetaly Gelato. Situated on the southern end of 15th & 15th’s main intersection, Sweetaly is many locals' go-to spot for a refreshing summer treat, and for good reason. This operation turns out a variety of handcrafted, perfectly balanced gelato flavors daily and uses only the best ingredients in doing so. Our suggestion? Grab a cup to-go and savor it while exploring the lovely surrounding side streets. 

4) Wasatch Hollow Park and Preserve. An unassuming natural oasis tucked among the neighborhood's residential streets, Wasatch Hollow Park and Preserve is the perfect spot in which to find reprieve, relaxation, and natural splendor. The 11-acre area is comprised of two loops, both of which chart through a forested glen and run along a burbling spring. Recently, the city has invested heavily in re-introducing native vegetation and wildlife to the area, making the hollow ideal for everything from running to bird watching. What’s more, should you find yourself looking for a set of monkey bars and a slide, a lovely playground sits at the hollow’s southern entrance. 

5) Walkability. We’ve certainly suggested as much already, but what truly sets 15th & 15th apart from other neighborhoods in the city is the amount of, to put it succinctly, awesome stuff that you can reach via a quick stroll. Aside from the bevy of local businesses covered in this list, Harvard & Yale is remarkably close—should you wish to sample some of that neighborhood’s local eateries—as is Sugarhouse and all the good that comes with it. If exploring by foot is your preferred way of getting to know a city, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better home base. 

6) Bungalows. As mentioned above, 15th & 15th boasts some of the most charming, well-cared-for bungalows in the city. While these fine structures lend all kinds of historical character to the area, on the inside, many of them boast intuitive floor plans and beautiful updates. Better yet, if single-level living with a roomy front porch sounds like your jam, we’re happy to help land you in one of these coveted numbers. 

7) Caputo’s Market & Deli. For those living in the area, Caputo’s serves dual purposes. Yes, it’s still the place to go if you find yourself craving an Italian sub (the eponymously named “Caputo” is easily one of the best sandos in the city), but this neighborhood operation also functions as a specialty grocer should you need dried pasta, fresh bread, or charcuterie in a pinch. Plus, no matter what you’re there for, you can rest assured that every offering is made or sourced with the keenest eye for quality. 

8) Local restaurants. Finally, 15th & 15th is absolutely rife with stellar local eateries. Along the main intersection, you’ll find Middle Eastern cuisine at Mazza, Spanish tapas and a truly idyllic patio at Finca (rumor has it, the owner of which is opening another spot in the neighborhood soon), and traditional upscale Italian at La Trattoria di Francesco. Nestled near the western end of the area, Finn’s offers a stand-out Scandinavian twist on traditional breakfast and lunch, while Vive Juicery makes getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies a cinch.

9) Turiya's. Crystals are certainly in the midst of their proverbial moment in the sun and there's no better place in the city to pick up a new specimen or two than Turiya's. The selection here is extensive and ranges from small, accessibly-priced stones to pieces so stunning they belong in a museum. This spot also stocks chimes, singing bowls, orbs, drums, and more, making it a fantastic option for any-and-all new-age gifting needs. 

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