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A whole-animal butcher that specializes in old-world food preservation, Beltex Meats is an integral part of Salt Lake's fledgling food scene. Not only does this operation offer locals the chance to purchase animal products of the highest quality, but it has also garnered plenty of national attention, bagging yet another Good Food Award this year for their country pâté. Behind the ham hocks and head cheese sits chef and owner Philip Grubisa. A Florida native who landed in Utah as a happy accident when a closure to I-15 forced him to spend the weekend in SLC, Philip worked in some of Park City's most acclaimed kitchens before his love for local producers and deep fascination with curing, pickling, and fermentation led him to pursue an education in preservation from renowned establishments in Tuscany and Napa Valley. After cutting his proverbial teeth with the best, he founded Beltex Meats to provide discerning locals with unique cuts, killer sandwiches, and house-cured meats, all of which depend on the approaches and techniques for which he exhibits such strong passion. Despite his immense appreciation for food, at the end of the day, it's the people who make Beltex Meats possible that hold the most importance for Philip: "For us, it's all about customer service. We want to provide the best products we can. But, we also want to educate our customers on the values behind whole-animal butchery and the importance of quality and sustainability, while also encouraging them to develop their own deeper relationships with the food they consume."

PSA: While you can't go wrong at Beltex Meats, be sure to snag some of their aforementioned pâté and their equally delicious porchetta. When forced to choose, Philip also lists their Cuban sandwich and their house-made Cubano salami (inspired by a Miami pool bar he encountered as a kid) among his favorites.

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