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Perhaps your “working from home” situation is not quite as productive as you’d imagined five months ago. Maybe you’re in need of a place to set up for Zoom meetings, a background for vlogging, or a quiet nook—sans little ones—to read, write, or sift through emails. Maybe you’re looking for a professional, well-designed space for a real life, face-to-distanced-face meeting. Thankfully, Central 9th’s Maven District has crafted such a container in which to actualize your 9-5 dreams—be they big or small. With cozy nooks to connect everywhere, Maven Create hosts plenty of space for community and creation.

The aim is to offer a quiet space to finalize that business plan, take that call, or set up your satellite workspace. The conference room is rentable by the hour and is a lovely off-site spot for a team meeting, but the private offices—rentable by the day, month, or even year—are stellar options as well. A punch pass allows you 24-hour access with an electronic key, or you can opt for a monthly membership, which includes discounted classes at neighboring Maven Strong.

Other bonuses include super-fast wifi, private phone booths, independently operating heating and cooling systems, ample parking and—perhaps most exciting of all—each desk space is equipped with a mini-fridge, fully stocked with complimentary snacks and drinks (score!). And amidst 2020’s limitations to how we can connect with one another, Maven Create offers a soothing salve. Here, you can continue to network and meet within our communities in a beautiful and entirely functional surrounding* (bonus: all of the furniture here is modular, meaning they’re ideally suited for rearranging for a socially distanced event for your brand, business, or closest pals). Think: a morning pilates class, Maven Create for emails and Zooming, and a to-go normal® ice cream choco taco for the commute home. Sounds like a pretty lovely way to spend a work week to us.


*During times of COVID, Maven Create is following all the strictest guidelines, many of which are required of dine-in restaurants. When walking through the space, occupants are required to wear a mask, but sitting at your designated desk, you’re free to remove it to work.



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