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It’s a no brainer that most people love soaking in the peaceful environment of a natural hot spring surrounded by awe-inspiring nature. However, the increasing crowd size at most of the spots accessible from SLC has the potential to diminish the serenity of the entire hot springs experience. Newly revamped and all-too-attuned to this issue, Maple Grove Hot Springs—located on the banks of the Bear River in Preston, Idaho—is set up specifically to ensure that its natural lithium pools can be enjoyed with a degree of peace and privacy sure to put even the most overworked at ease. And, given that it’s only a two-and-a-half hour jaunt from SLC to these generously refreshed springs, Maple Grove looks like the perfect place to quite literally soak it all in.

Like most anything in the awe-inspiring West, Maple Grove has existed in its natural form for thousands of years and was once a sacred meeting place for Native Americans—the Shoshone, in this instance. After becoming privatized, the land surrounding the springs changed hands a couple of times until it was ultimately run into disrepair and closed down in October of 2018. Having fallen in love with the beauty of the location during previous visits, Jordan Menzel, an SLC native, and bonafide hot springs resuscitator, quickly rounded up the requisite funding to purchase Maple Grove with the goal of restoring it to its former splendor. With the help of many local businesses, including frequent cityhomeDESIGN collaborator Limestrong Artisan Plaster, this spot is nicely positioned for a welcome return to form. And, after working tirelessly for 6 months to clean and clear the site, the springs, as of this week, are now accepting bookings.

The mission of this newly reopened operation is to protect and respect the natural integrity of the spring while also providing a quaint and soothing haven for anyone in need of a little recharge—this isn’t the hot springs you roll up to at 11:45 pm with a 30 rack of Natty Light (sorry, 23 year old me). In order to guarantee that its pools remain an escape from frequent, everyday stressors like noise and crowds, Maple Grove requires you make a reservation in advance of your visit and limits use of its facilities to no more than 20 people at any given time. With three soaking pools and one larger, recreational pool these policies mean that carving out your own section of balmy water is all-too-easy. Plus, if your group exceeds capacity, the springs are reservable for private events, as well. Beyond providing top-notch, mineral-laden tubs, the rest of the facilities at Maple Grove are equally up to scratch. The ongoing restoration is focused on creating spaces and sleeping arrangements that, through their composition, only augment the beautiful natural surroundings (a notion close to our COLLECTIVE hearts). The Property features a hydro microgrid, 40 acres of wilderness for kayaking, canoeing, swimming, hiking, and mountain biking, 10 canvas yurts, walk-in tent sites, a rentable yurt retreat center, and a cafe, meaning that, whether you’re heading up for an afternoon, weekend, or a week-long retreat, you’re sure to be comfortable and well-cared for.  

For those interested in a quick trip to experience these revitalized springs, click here to make your reservation. And, be sure to use coupon code “cityhome2019” at checkout for $20 off any nightly stay this year!


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