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It's been one hell of a roller coaster of a year, for everyone, and maybe even more so if your life involved moving, or the buying or selling of a home. We've all been feeling the volatility of the economy and the havoc it can bring to our best efforts of planning ahead. I'd just like to remind everyone to stop and give themselves a big ol’ pat on the back for being able to roll with the punches, ride the waves, and stay adaptable to everything life is throwing at us these days.

One particularly inspiring family that I've had the pleasure of helping through four transitions in my career, gave me a good reminder earlier this fall while selling their home in Marmalade. When you truly enjoy yourself in your home, your home becomes a part of that enjoyment, and that imprint can be felt even after you're gone. No matter what it is that you enjoy and makes you uniquely happy to be alive - whether it's a game of Dungeons and Dragons, growing your own food, late night living room dance parties, or homemade weekend brunch with your loved ones - these moments make a home and the resonance is felt when people walk in.

So don't forget to enjoy yourself within whatever walls you call home and be the you-est YOU, you can be.

It will surely pay off in the form of a life well-lived, and just might make it easier for folks to take pleasure in a home well-loved, later on down the road.

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