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Life in Your Space | The Art of (Historic) Homes

Ah, historic homes - we’re drawn to their beautiful craftsmanship, 

cozy character and classic design that reminds us of an earlier era, one in which our homes were built with intention and, hopefully, preserved with love and care. But a historic home is more than just a pretty house that’s built to last (though we’ve got no qualms with that) - it’s a work of art and evolving story that you as a homeowner get to help create and continue to write. 

As real estate agents, we occasionally have the honor to be footnotes in these stories, turning the pages with care. When it comes to selling a historic home, we get to utilize creative marketing strategies that allow us to locate that special buyer who will appreciate the home’s artistry and are excited to be part of its living history.

My current listing at 2164 Jefferson Avenue is an adorable historic bungalow, built in 1907 in downtown Ogden where unique architecture and charming homes are common sightings. For this home, modern staging and contemporary art curation enhanced the interior living space, where high ceilings, preserved wood trim and refinished hardwood floors already gave it an inviting feel. We featured local artist Darryl Erdmann’s original abstract paintings (which are also available for sale) during Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll with an Art Open House, where we connected with interested home buyers, art lovers, and other historic homeowners in the area.


As we continue to seek the right buyer for this home, we asked the current owner to share some of the things that make it so special…

Why did you buy this house? Like, what really sold you on it? The soul of this house spoke to me and my daughter’s hearts. It felt like home the moment we stepped inside. 

If a stranger walked into your home when you weren’t there, what would your space tell them? That it’s a sanctuary. This space brings a sense of peace to recharge anyone who stays here.

Describe your home in one word: Timeless.

Best time of day in your home? And where should you be sitting for it? Sunset on the wraparound front porch. Morning coffee on the back patio.

How about seasonally speaking…what time of year suits this place best? Summer when you can walk to the Farmers Market and Twilight concerts. Fall and spring for the beauty and views, but winter really brings out the timelessness of the home. 

Anything at all you want to say/pass along to the future owners of the home?  I can only hope the new owners love this home even more than I do. The possibilities are endless and the timeless beauty and integrity of its era deserves to live on for generations to come.


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