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We recently spent a picturesque afternoon running barefoot through the grass at our clients' beloved Holladay cottage, and can officially (and personally) attest to a day (very) well spent.

The property feels like one, big "welcome home".

The current owners (CHC owner Cody Derrick's very first clients) are equal parts kind and warm...a demeanor that seems to have been infused into all aspects of the home, both inside and out. The sprawling green space both in front and out back offers ample room for distanced gatherings, a game of croquet/catch/red rover, or an easy night of BBQing and back yard conversation. Each and every indoor space is well appointed and thoughtfully designed with an effortless, Bohemian style, and the result is a feeling of immediate comfort.

The spaces inside are as flexible as they are beautiful...

The roomy dining area served as the perfect spot for a little creative play, and that kitchen is built for far more than just cooking (see:big inspiration). And while the current owners have loved this home (a lot), we'd say a home like this is more than ready for its next happy occupants.

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