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Life In Your Space | All About Uffens

4/21/2022 | Alexander Muzio
Lauren Kerr

An Uffens one-bedroom loft lives itself through the best of city life. A quiet corner perched high, peaks over the layers of red brick, painting Salt Lake City's downtown. From our vantage point, blue skies warm a cloudless day. Peering down, I see windows looking into the back of local shops along Pierpont Avenue. The thought of a latte nearby at The Rose Establishment perks me to explore. A detour took us to our neighbor, Caputo's Market. Though normally I would harvest a full charcuterie board, this afternoon called for easy refreshment.

It feels just as easy to live here, in the heart of it.

Never a need goes unmet, and for the days when energy is low, convenience is medicine.

As satisfying as it is to close the door and hideaway here, the terraced hallways always lead back to local businesses and restaurants lining the blocks, welcoming me in. As the city continues to evolve, I can only imagine what gifts this home will provide. I will see you at the park, laying out, or maybe today we will stay in, lounge on the balcony, read tarot, and decide today is a perfect day to rest. We love the Uffens, and though it speaks for itself, #407 strikes all my chords…

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