HABITAT | Renu Reed

10/1/2019 | Katie Bald
Video: Radio West

The relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit should be a symbiotic one. That is, both person and place ought to benefit mutually from the union. The affair is a lifelong one, and it’s that space, somewhere between human and home, with which we are so deeply enamored. It makes sense, then, that we’re so elated to partner with Radio West for HABITAT. The video series features a few lovely SLC citizens (Bob Bliss, Ken Sanders, and Anne Milliken, among them) who share our sentiment on space as they walk us through the places they call “home.”

Meet Renu Reed.

Born and raised in India, Renu has a less-permanent notion of “home.” While she is completely in love with the one on Michigan Avenue which she shares with husband Andrew and pup Tashi, she knows that windows, walls, and her things are not the reason why.

“Nothing belongs to you. If tomorrow I don’t have my stuff…it’s okay.”

As it’s done many times before, life is taking her family to a new city in a new state. And, while she’ll miss this house—and, in particular, the lovely garden—she knows “home” will follow her wherever she goes. Renu's story serves as a beautiful reminder of the ever-changing nature of a space to call one's own. Wherever it may be (and for however long), there is one constant: it should give back to you just as much as you put into it. Whether you're looking to move on, move in, or spruce up the space you're in, give us a call. We can help.


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