HABITAT | Anne Milliken

7/3/2019 | Amy Tibbals
Video: Radio West

We needn't spell it out for you each time, but the truth is, we kind of like saying it: We think there are few sentiments that ring truer than “home is where the heart is.” Call it cliché, but the importance of where you live is second only to who you love, and both should be handled with the utmost care. Our partnership with RadioWest for the Habitat series enables us to have a small look inside the homes of those Salt Lakers who whole-heartedly agree with us and happily exist in a space that perfectly supports them.

Meet former RadioWest producer, Anne Milliken...

Like previous Habitat subjects, Ken Sanders and Bob Bliss, Anne has perfected the art of "home". A native of Paris, she spotted her future abode sometime in the 90s and has since crafted a space that reflects her quirk, intellect, and upbringing in equal parts.

"It's more fun to go to somebody's house that's a little unpredictable."

Watch the video below to see Anne's stunning and eclectic home (we're particularly fond of her spitfire commentary and genuine desire to die in the bed she loves). As ever, stories like this motivate and inspire us to continue pairing people with place, and we've got no plans to stop anytime soon. Should you be in the market for something that suits you just flawlessly, call us up. We can help.



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