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In a sense, Five5eeds was born out of necessity. When owners Andrew and Tiffany Percy relocated to Park City from Australia five years ago to better serve their ski racing kiddos, the family quickly found themselves missing the Down Under breakfast spots they’d come to love. As such, the couple decided to put their background in property development, keen design sense, and avid foodie-dom to work in creating their very own state-side slice of Australia. Since opening, the restaurant has proven itself a smashing success. On weekends, upwards of 700 hungry patrons cycle through the simple-but-inviting space—unsurprising considering that Five5eeds consistently nails the holy trinity of breakfast haunts: great coffee (some argue it’s the state’s best), inventive, insanely delicious fare, and a distinct sense of community. 

The aforementioned cuppa is perhaps the best indicator of just how diligently Five5eeds attempts to replicate the joints that inspired it. The beans are imported and brewed with water that has been specially treated to match the mineral content of that found in Australia. And, while the process is extensive, any assumptions of superfluousness are quickly put to bed by the quality of this spot’s joe. Naturally, the fare here follows a similar set of guidelines. In addition to regularly returning to their old go-tos for plated inspo, Andrew and Tiffany have taken it upon themselves to fly Five5eeds’ chefs down to Melbourne for first-hand training in the ways of the Aussie brunch. This dedication to the flavors, proportions, techniques, and ingredients from Down Under is abundantly clear in every dish and, though the menu here changes frequently, you’d be wise to snap up the corn fritters, savory waffles and chook, and hotcakes (some of our fav items), should you see them.

Menu options aside, the atmosphere at Five5eeds is vibrant, welcoming, and plenty cozy.

True to form, the couple tasked an Australian designer with ensuring the space felt as much like home as the coffee tasted like it and, consequently, the entire restaurant—down to the staff aprons and flatware—embodies a simple, clean, laid-back aesthetic. It’s an easy spot to hang out in and, as such, Five5eeds feels very community-oriented. Long after scraped-clean plates have been cleared, it’s not uncommon to see patrons still enthusiastically debating, chatting, or reconnecting at their tables...and therein, perhaps, lies Andrew and Tiffany’s greatest achievement to-date. 

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