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By now, it should come as no surprise that reader and client love keep us up to our ears in warm fuzzies year round. Because, you see, if you fall into either category, it must mean you agree with one or more of our core values. So let us be clear: We believe that design is fine and intention reigns supreme. We believe that the importance of where you live is second only to who you love, but both should be handled with the utmost care. We adore the arts, we applaud local businesses, and we're obsessed with each and everyone of you. It's simple, really. We've somehow surrounded ourselves with such amazing clients, that we can't wait to shout them out in all the ways we can. And our Find Your Space campaign is one such way we spread the love.

Enter Kathryn Brookshire Brown and her fantastic family.

You've seen them before: in each ad, we select a client that we've helped to find their space--in all the ways that applies. Whether we helped them design it, or are currently helping them move on to the next one, we urge our people to put us to use--because frankly, we live for this. Sometimes we pluck our subjects from our own back yard, and sometimes they're new friends from far-off places. And most of the time, they happily become a mixture of both. Enter Kathryn Brookshire Brown and her fantastic family.


Space shapes life.

When they decided it was time to part with their perfect Avenues cottage, they chatted with a few real-estate outfits. Ultimately, though, Kathryn's a gal after our own COLLECTIVE hearts, and choosing is a breeze when your dogmas align. Formerly a stylist for such incredible publications as French Vogue, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor (among others), Kathryn is acutely aware of that very principle we follow with our whole souls: Space shapes life. From the home you purchase to the paint color you choose, from the music you listen to and every last tchotchke on the shelf…creating a space that is authentically yours is really the only thing that matters. The gang you see in the photos below clearly agrees on all fronts. So we linked arms and set forth, and--after a glass or two of wine in their gorgeous home--we knew this was the family for our next ad campaign.

the Brookshire Brown home is symmetrically supreme and casually classical.

Thanks in large part to Kathryn's professional background, the Brookshire Brown home is symmetrically supreme and casually classical…a paragon of polished perfection. A cottage in the Avenues with city views that floats over City Creek Canyon with a refined sense of British history (it was, after all, commissioned by the original owner for his English bride nearly 100 years ago…a gift intended to make her feel "at home" in her new stateside abode). For the shoot, we had little doubt as to where we should point the lens--the library in the home's primary living area is inspired, to say the least. Raked-cement cathedral ceilings lend a sense of grandeur to the cozy room, and we imagined the family gathered--just as you can see in the pages of Utah Style & Design's summer issue--in a casually happy moment together. As expected, they nailed it.


the young ones dressed to the proverbial nines

Harriet and Wyly (the young ones dressed to the proverbial nines) were as respectful and cooperative as they were photogenic, and Kathyrn and husband Denis made quick work of on-camera magic. As ever, George Oakley stood behind the camera for the ad and did that thing he does so well, and our fave COLLECTIVE photog, Kerri Fukui, snapped the stellar behind-the-secenes images you see below. The final product? Well, you can sneak a peek at the very bottom, or just grab your copy of the Utah Style & Design summer issue.

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