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Samuel Johnson is all heart where “home” is concerned. A transplant from our bordering state of potatoes and Pocatello, Samuel knew early in life that he would pursue a career in real estate. Ever aware of the importance of finding the space that best suits you and creating that which you crave (an ideology for which he credits his mother), Samuel spent his high school years shadowing a savvy Idaho agent, then he packed his bags, set his coordinates for our salty city, and got to work. Nature plays a big role in his love for Utah, but this bright-eyed realtor is happy to be here for reasons that can't be numbered. Should you find yourself in need of a whip-smart, well-intentioned agent who respects the notion of “home” and delights in helping you find it, Samuel’s is the number to call.

Describe your perfect home or space. What does it look/feel like? My home will be warm and cozy, a space that always feels welcoming. I love the look of a big brick home encircled by a wrap around porch. My home, completely engulfed in trees and greenery. I love the look of an older home, something that is a classic piece of art. Walking into the home you'd be greeted by a beautiful staircase and hallway. The hallway acts as the spine of the home connecting me to every room. As you walk through my home, the smells change from room to room - smoky amber and sage, fresh linen and citrus, incensed wood and subtle whiskey. The kitchen would be spacious and have plenty of space for cooking and company, with easy access outside to a little garden. I would love having access to the porch from every room on the main floor - a constant flow of indoor and outdoor space and a record playing some funky jazz, creating a constant vibe in the kitchen. A living room that pulls you into the sofas. My living room, filled entirely with my favorite knickknacks I've collected over the years. Each one tells a different story. The walls are filled with painted canvases, pictures that bring me joy, and a mirror on every wall. I feel like I spend a lot of time in my living room; I enjoy the space being full of love and heart. Upstairs would be where my family resides, providing ample amounts of space for cute quaint rooms, all with their own character. With my room being special just to me. A small room that fits just what I need for a perfect little escape. My creative outlet is design. I feel like my home is an interpretation of who I am, it feels just like how I want and do feel. My home is an ever changing story of the places I have been, friendships I have shared, and memories I cherish. 

You're an agent here. Tell us why. What led you to this work? It all started in high school. I had the usual dreams of becoming an actor, a celebrity, but when I really thought about a career in my beginning year of high school, I decided to pursue a career in something I loved. I always had a beautiful fascination with homes. The way they looked, felt, and the joy they helped create in people's lives. After that, my mind was set on becoming an agent. I shadowed a local Idaho Falls real estate agent and knew I had found my career. 

What is something you wish people knew more about you? (passion, hobbies, personality) Probably my passion for interior design. I don't have too many people over to my home, but when I do, I love showing all of my cherished items. I craft my home in a particular way to shine a light on the things I love. I have recently found an interesting hobby that has captured my heart, Jiu-Jitsu. I have been training for about six months now and am hooked. Being a small guy, it feels empowering having a sense of strength. I truly do love listening to people talk. From an early age, I realized how much I could learn from listening to people. At that point, I acquired the power of sitting back and taking it all in. I love hearing the fascinating stories of life that people love to share. 

Do you remember when home first started mattering to you? As far back as I can remember. I always had a strong sense of home from my mother. She always shaped any space we had into a beautiful sanctuary. I feel like I watched her create and carried that with me throughout life. If I had to look back at a time when that became the most prevalent to me, it would be when I moved away from home. Moving to Salt Lake was the first time I had to build a home for myself. I was given a blank canvas and had to dig deep inside to find myself. From that digging, I was able to find an outlet of creation...I built my home away from home. I would say that feeling of having something and then leaving it, made me realize how much it affects you. I could see how much that was aiding in my happiness. I could see the true beauty of home and what it gives to us when we share in it. 

How do you take care of your home and how do you take care of the house that is you? I love my home, it is a part of me that is displayed. I keep it clean, making sure every space is touched and well loved. I like to dress it up with beautiful and loved things - lather it in scents, by candles and incense. I care for my home the same way I like to care for myself; I treat my home like I would like to be treated.  My home, that is me, requires just a bit more maintenance. I think the most important thing is allowing myself the grace of mistake. I know I will continue to fall all throughout my life, so I will fall with kindness for myself. 

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