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Ryan Holbrook is one of the youngest of our COLLECTIVE brood, but you'd be hard pressed to find a wiser, woker 21-year old. He came to us a hopeful, rosy-cheeked English major from the U, seeking an internship that might utilize his writing skills. After a good bit of hazing and some well-timed, perfectly-executed Office quotes, he earned a permanent spot on the roster and a really cool nickname. Meet "The Temp".

Temp is an official member of our three-person EdiTeam™, which is something of a friendly-but-very-exclusive grammar gang. I like to think of him as the son I never had (or did I?), and he's taught me a lot about not parenting, for sure. Temp is quite serious about his scholastic endeavors, and his course descriptions remind me of a time in my own life when nightmares of accidentally skipping class for an entire semester wreaked havoc on my sleep. I know that he likes to skateboard from time to time, he's way into streetwear and high fashion, alike (fancy pants!), and he's got a well-rounded appreciation for foods both fine and fast. He's wildly empathetic and nice to everyone, but he did get shoved down a flight of stairs once at a frat party...so there's an edge, I think. Oh, and for Christmas last year, he got me a high-end fidget spinner and Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts, which is a tell-tale sign that this kid's got his head screwed on in just the right way. See for yourself...

Describe your perfect home or space. What does it look/feel like? I think that homes are most admirable when they feel like a truly authentic, thoughtful extension of the people inhabiting them. I guess for me that would mean big, bright spaces. Clean lines. A really comfy couch. A couple of corner nooks perfectly suited to reading, and a giant bookcase to accompany. Oh, and tons of art. So kind of like an art gallery. But one where you can binge watch Vice Principles with a carne asada burrito in Dries Van Noten sweats. That’s the vibe.

One thing you absolutely cannot stand: This might come off as super petty, but when people use way too much cilantro as a garnish. I get it, it’s an awesome flavor. Very fresh. But, at the end of a day, it’s an herb. So, in the same way I don't want to pack my mouth full of thyme, it’s a little disconcerting to get an entire bite of just cilantro. I feel like that happens to me a lot.

One thing you absolutely, unequivocally LOVE: It goes without saying, but my little brother, man. That kid is awesome. He’s 9, and I’m generally not the biggest fan of children that age, but he’s actually so much fun to be around. Super goofy and kind-hearted, but also ridiculously precocious. Like, his favorite restaurant is this chic little Taiwanese spot in London called Bao. He’s also recently gotten really into Othello.

You’re a Junior Editor here. Say more. What lead you to this work? Growing up I really loved reading. I got pretty into writing, as well, when I was in high school. That, in turn, caused me to major in English in college. Junior editing was the logical next step. But, on the real, I think that there is something really valuable about attentive, personable content.

Give me your take on our little COLLECTIVE. What a place to work! Everyone here is so multitalented and passionate. Plus, as a whole, I think it’s amazing how the COLLECTIVE is so invested in our city and its various communities. It’s incredible to work for a company that's so ambitious and idealistic.

Describe your perfect day. What, exactly, does that look like for you? Honestly, it would probably just entail hanging out with friends and family somewhere by the ocean. There’s a small harbor town in Maine called Bar Harbor that’s pretty near and dear to my heart, so that’s the spot. I gotta have some activities. Swimming or hiking, possibly. Or maybe some soccer or badminton. Lobster rolls definitely have to be in play. Ideally, a big barbecue in the evening. Possibly a stoner comedy to wrap up the night? That sounds pretty perfect. Alternately, I go to the Upper East Side Shake Shack on 86th Street, then attend the Met Gala as a trio with A$AP Rocky and Luka Sabbat (arguably the two chillest guys alive). That's all.

Favorite read/watch: “Watch” is a neck-and-neck tie between Pineapple Express and any of the Lord of The Rings movies (preferably the extended versions). For “read” I would have to go with House of Leaves or anything by Maggie Nelson or N. Katherine Hayles.

On my first day of college, I walked through the crowded part of campus without knowing that my backpack had slowly pulled my skirt up over my ass. It shaped me as a person, I think, in that it ruined my life. Tell me something humiliating about you. Once, during a soccer game, I got kicked in the face by an opposing player only for the ball to then ricochet off the goal post seconds later, hit me in the face again, and promptly bounce into my own team’s net. That sucked.

You could be living anywhere, really. Why SLC? So many reasons. Full disclosure, I wasn't entirely sold on SLC until a couple of years ago. I was born here so I definitely hit a point where I started to feel like it was kind of small and boring. But, I was wrong. I think it has become such an exciting place to live. There’s so much cool stuff happening here right now with food, art, design, architecture, retail, and such. That part is only going to get better. But it’s still small enough that it feels quaint and quiet at times. Plus, you have ridiculous access to the outdoors. That’s such an awesome combo.

How do you think we can improve this fantastic little slice of our nation? Where are we lacking? I think public transportation here is going to have to expand quite a bit before it’s actually a viable option for most people. I also think that the food scene could still use a bit of work. There are some awesome restaurants in Salt Lake, but we lack the abundance of good options that bigger cities have

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