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Rachel Morgan's design ethos centers around creating spaces that are supportive by function and inspiring by form, the latter of which she personally pulls from the arid landscape of the American southwest. With a BA in Interior Design, this Michigan State University grad has plenty of design experience under her stylish belt—including work at both residential design and architectural firms—and she’s no stranger to the design/management of larger-scale commercial projects, but a desire for a more personalized, detail-oriented approach to the craft brought her to our COLLECTIVE doorstep. Now a citizen of SLC, Rachel spends her free time hiking, backpacking, skiing, biking, and honing her artistic hobbies. She’s particularly keen on unexpected color and pattern combinations, the emphasis of craftsmanship, and the incorporation of imperfections in design—a beautiful philosophy that we think lends to her creation of beautiful, authentic spaces.

What is your definition of home? Home is wherever I can be my most authentic self and know with certainty that I will be loved and accepted. To be truly present in a moment, without any invasive feelings of self doubt and expectations, is the greatest form of relief. And to me, feeling at home, feels like the biggest sigh of relief. 

What does ‘ brave space’ feel like to you and how do you create that for others? I think brave spaces are the natural transcendence of safe spaces. Often, we need the support and familiarity of safe spaces in order to build up the courage to step outside our comfort zone. To create brave spaces for others, I am interested in hearing "who are you?" and "who do you want to be?" and my role is to help bridge the gap between the two. It's a delicate balance between providing elements of security while also encouraging evolution. The end result being a space that brings forth both comfort and confidence.

You could be living anywhere, really. Why SLC? I found myself in SLC 9 years ago, somewhat on a whim. After graduating from college, I had the idea that I wanted to move "out west" without much consideration beyond that. I landed a job here and initially thought it would be an interesting place to live for a couple years; however, I quickly found myself fully immersed in the evolving city, spectacular landscapes, and most importantly - an irreplaceable community. The last point being what truly keeps me here. Because the moments I have experienced in the city, the mountains, and the desert - have been made infinitely more special by the people I've shared them with. 

Is there a promise that you’d like to make to your design clients? My promise would be that I am genuinely trying my best. It's a challenging world and we're all trying to balance so much. Good design takes time and it can be incredibly draining to think creatively under a deadline. I can offer a promise that I will prioritize your project to the best of my ability, and I will also prioritize my mental well being at the same time. 

Now that you're established in your career here at cityhome, in this collective, what is your real ‘why’? As someone who is particularly sensitive to my surroundings, I understand the importance of carefully curated spaces. I wholeheartedly feel that the impact of one's environment is massive and I want to help people live, work, and heal in spaces that are supportive by function and inspiring by form. 

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