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Jennifer Hadfield has always felt clear about the idea of what ‘home’ means to her. Raising four children, many of those years as a single mother, it was important she curate environments that imbued joy, stability and peace. This talent for creating beautiful, brave spaces turned into a career, becoming one of the internet’s early influencers. With a keen eye for glamorous yet budget-conscious styling ideas, ones that would make Robin Leach proud, she’s amassed a loyal following, one that continues to this day. Now part of the cityhome family, this savvy entrepreneur offers her many talents with empathy and enthusiasm to both buyers and sellers as they navigate the intricacies and nuances of coming ‘home’.

You're an agent here. Tell us why. What led you to this work? I honestly feel like my whole life has been leading me up to becoming an agent at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. I have spent 30 years working in creative fields, from running a painting design business to owning a jewelry company, remodeling our homes in California and Utah to starting my DIY blog. My love of home and creating a beautiful space has been the linking factor in all of my business. Now, I am excited to take those skills and bring them to help other people create a home that is a protective sanctuary.

What does ‘brave space’ feel like to you and how do you create that for others? A brave space to me is finding the things deep down that are honest and creating a space that feels protected. Going through my divorce and being a single mom helped me strip things down to the most important things that made our home feel sheltered and insulated from the world. I think when you take away the desire to please others and create a facade and really face hard things, you discover what is really important. Honesty is refreshing. I really believe you can create a sanctuary no matter what type or size of home you have.

Do you remember when home first started mattering to you? I think I have always felt that home was important. I grew up with a mother who made our home feel like a haven. She handmade everything from our daily bread, the clothes we wore and our furniture. Home was the most important thing to her. She taught us those skills and I honestly felt like every family lived like that until I grew older. When I became a mother I felt so much joy sharing those skills with my children. I feel so much satisfaction seeing my kids create their own homes and safe spaces now.

What would you really hope to hear clients say when they talk about you when you’re not there? I would love to have my clients say that I am a safe space. I pride myself on being honest and I truly want to help people in every respect. I hope they would say I had their best interests at heart and made the real estate process as stress free as possible. And I hope they would say that they had a great experience and would highly recommend me to anyone they meet. I also hope they would say that their experience with me was different and better than they could have imagined.

Describe your perfect day. What, exactly, does that look like for you? A perfect day for me would be waking up to sunshine streaming in my window. I would get a cup of coffee, sit out on our porch swing as I watch our neighborhood wake up. I'd watch the neighborhood kids playing and the squirrels scampering up and down the trees. I'd spend the day surrounded with my family as we cook some delicious food and end the day out on our back patio, sitting underneath our pergola, playing board games with music playing and the lights of our patio shining down on us. 

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