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David De Marco came into our COLLECTIVE like a quiet force of well-spoken nature, and he's an addition to our team about whom we feel most solid. As such, it's time we introduce him as you know we like to do...with a COLLECTIVE Clergy to help you round out this fantastic human.

I know David to be a west-coast guy, as he lived in California for most of his life, then Denver and Salt Lake in more recent years. He's the kind of "quiet person" that probably isn't shy so much as he is genuinely hard working and respectful of others. But--this being an open concept office and all--I can often hear him chuckle at our lame jokes, so I know he's paying attention (and that he can appreciate both brilliant word play and asinine one-liners). His voice is something my EdiTeam™ and I have discussed, actually. It's a great voice--warm, bright, calming, and nourishing. Like freshly tilled soil, we think. I know David to be a photographer with fine art aspirations of the B&W kind, and I know that he's actually started both our share of businesses (think: everything from floral arranging to not-for-profit work). He's also a decorated veteran who served in the US Navy, so categorizing him as a well-rounded individual with plenty of world experience would be something of an understatement. In our COLLECTIVE, he'll be working as a real estate agent, and I'd have exactly zero qualms about putting my future home in this fella's hands. Read on to get to know the delightful surprise that is Mister De Marco...

Describe your perfect home or space. What does it look/feel like? Anything mid-century modern. I see these homes as art and life intertwined in such a fabulous way. I enjoy open space and the feeling that you get when you are indoors, yet feel as if you are out in nature.

One thing you absolutely cannot stand: Ignorant and/or closed minds. I know that’s actually two, but they do go hand in hand.

One thing you absolutely, unequivocally LOVE: Putting myself in extreme situations like scuba diving...or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. For terra firma, nothing beats exploring the back roads of our country on a motorcycle. I love anything that makes me feel really alive.

You're a real estate agent here. Tell me why. What lead you to this work? The culture at cityhome is unique, everything about it is just different, and in a wonderful way. The focus here is on building long-term relationships and delivering the very best possible experience for each and every client. My entrepreneurial/professional life has allowed me to attain a very diverse and well-rounded skillset, and these skills have been a perfect fit in this industry. I enjoy working with people and helping them attain their real estate goals.

Give me your take on our little COLLECTIVE. Wonderful, great, talented, fabulous, kind. Not only is the COLLECTIVE a group of top-notch professionals who really know their stuff, but it's also a bunch of human beings who have figured out how to be very comfortable in their skin and in their respective lives. That’s sometimes a very hard place to get to, but once you do get there, you're rewarded with joy and a sense of purpose...a deep feeling of contentment. The COLLECTIVE is filled with that contentment, along with the deep desire to help this community evolve, grow and prosper together. What’s not to love, right?

Describe your perfect day. What, exactly, does that look like for you? Road trip (motorcycle) exploring the backroads with my camera. With music, of course. (I don’t have a side car or I’d bring my dog Molly the Mauler). If I can’t do that, I'd enjoy getting lost in the NY Times (Sunday edition) with great coffee and music. After that, perhaps a visit to an art gallery or an antique mall to look for treasures. And of course, great food must be interwoven somewhere in there.

Favorite read/watch: I read in cycles, sometimes nothing, sometimes 3 or 4 books at a time. I enjoy history, bio’s, and self help. I rarely re-visit something I’ve read, but when I do, it would be something like The Prophet. Not much for tv, but I do love a great football game, and if I can stay up for Colbert, it's always worth it. Oh, and kudos to Netflix for creating binge-worthy entertainment.

I'm legitimately and actually afraid of the dark. Like, I will RUN up a set of dark stairs, as I'm convinced that someone is behind me. Also, on my first day of college, I walked through the crowded part of campus without knowing that my backpack had slowly pulled my skirt up over my ass. It shaped me as a person, I think, in that it ruined my life. Tell me something embarrassing or ridiculous about you. Ok, I really try hard to NOT put myself in embarrassing situations. When I was a lad of 9 or 10, with the help of a friend, I managed to inadvertently knock out my front teeth. My parents at the time were not financially capable of fixing everything up like new, so for quite some time I had a partially missing front tooth and a silver cap on the other one. As kids will be kids, I stood out like a sore thumb and was made fun of for some time. Ultimately, got my teeth back to normal and learned that, thankfully, kids have short memories about such things.

You could be living anywhere, really. Why SLC? A wonderful opportunity at the U called out to my wife, and long distance anything never works, so here I am. This really is a great place...kind of a nice secret hiding in plain sight. Obviously, the secret is getting out since this is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. For some freakish reason, I have always been drawn to deserts and the utter desolation they offer. There is a fair amount of outlying desolation here, so I shall be fine existing in close proximity to such nurturing environments.

How do you think we can improve this fantastic little slice of our nation? Where are we lacking? Can’t help you much with this one, but I would say drivers here could be a little more patient and courteous on the road. Let’s try to remember that we are all human beings doing the best we can in our own inimitable way. A little more “pay it forward” mentality on the road will certainly save lives and probably lower a lot of stress levels.

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