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COLLECTIVE Clergy | Brian

4/4/2017 | Amy Tibbals
D'Arcy Benincosa

It’s been a minute since our last COLLECTIVE Clergy installment, and I figure we should keep the introductions rolling in the interest of making sure that all of you know all of us. For the sake of memory joggery, I’ll remind you all that our Clergy intros all work basically the same way: I give my [sometimes educated] take on what I know about the person, then I ask them some incredibly poignant and relevant questions to round out the information. How else were you going to find out that Jenny loves WHAM! and Corigan’s middle name is McMurray? I know. You’re welcome.

This time around, I’m introducing Brian Tripoli. Brian is really quite new to our team, but we already feel confident that we made a solid decision. He’s been in the real-estate game for over 10 years, and I know that a good portion of that was spent mastering the varied, tedious aspects of short sales. He’s a detail-oriented dude and a practitioner of persistence, which I’m pretty certain pays off in spades for his clients. I know that Brian used to run a gym in Colorado, and he appears to be a fitness buff [nailed it] to this day. He uses the kind of idioms that are a tad dated and grandpa-esque. Things like “prime the pump” and “get off the schneid” and such. He’s currently owning a colossal set of mutton chops, as shown in the photos, and they’ve made a timely appearance on his face, given that he’s all single and on the prowl. I assume that, like all realtors, he loves long walks on the beach, excel spreadsheets, and stargazing. Read on and see for yourself…

What’s your middle name? No, wait, let me guess. Is it Jody? It’s my ankles, isn’t it? No, it’s Scott, which is ironic because I get called that quite often from people who’ve recently met me and have forgotten my name.

Describe your ideal space/home. What does it look and feel like? I’m definitely a fan of quality of space, not quantity. No McMansions for me. Lots of light. A kitchen that overlooks a garden where my zucchinis are killin’ it. Some horse pasture. My fav’ style is Mediterranean-inspired architecture: terracotta roofs, white plastered walls, dark floors, arched doorways and exposed wood beams. Find me a place like that tucked away in the mountains, and you’d never see my ass again [unless, of course, I'm coming down for stuff to make sangria].

Why are you in Salt Lake City? I’m from sunny CA, and I’ve lived in the Mile High City, but I keep coming back to here. Something about this town just resonates with me. Maybe it’s the intimacy to the mountains, the largely down-to-earth and unpretentious people, or the robust cultural scene that I love but had no idea existed until I came to the COLLECTIVE. That, or the inversion.

Speaking of our COLLECTIVE, give me your take on it: Although I’m pretty adept at connecting with most anyone, I was nervous about being accepted into the fold. This place reeks of vigorous creativity, youthful hipness and a passion to do something really extraordinary in Salt Lake that I found initially intimidating. I didn’t think I could hang [full disclosure: I'm a 44 year-old dude with no tattoos or piercings who still doesn't get Twitter], but you guys brought me in, wrapped your arms around me, and gave me a big ol’ COLLECTIVE hug. You made me feel like part of the family…now, you’ve got me all verklempt.

Who or what inspires you? I love the determined, entrepreneurial spirit in people. Nothing makes me want to chest bump somebody like hearing about a person who, from humble beginnings, had a vision and worked like hell to create something amazing or accomplish some incredible feat [think Rudy, not Facebook].

Tell me four things about yourself that — in your opinion, anyway — are completely f*cking awesome: 1) I’m writing a novel. 2) I’m a straight-up horseman. 3) I’m a super-good listener. 4) I do hard things. Someone very close to me said it’s important to do that which pushes us [maybe even frighten us a little]. And not just physically…things that test our character. It’s what helps us grow and tells us something about who we are. I decided to own that this year, and I’m really proud of that. Case in point: I just started taking Bachata lessons. Scary.

Your best day ever…how does that go? Coffee. Yoga. German pancakes [a.k.a. the Bismark]. Bag a peak. Take a nap. Afternoon delight. Dark chocolate.

I detest the musical stylings of Dave Matthews and his dumb band. Tell me something you can’t stand: The Disney Channel. As the father of a young girl and having watched umpteen hours of Hannah MontanaAustin & Ally, and Shake It Up, I can tell you, it’s of the devil. That, and Crossfit. We have some of the best cross-training right here in our own backyard. Put down the tractor tire and go for a hike. Bring a kettle ball if you want.

Something you must do/attempt/accomplish before you die? I don’t know that I necessarily have a bucket list. I think that sort of “someday” thinking diminishes the power of living in this present moment [which is all any of us ever really have]. With all that being said, before I assume room temperature, I’d love a crack at wing-suiting. That’d be epic.

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