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COLLECTIVE Clergy | Corigan

4/2/2017 | Amy Tibbals
D'Arcy Benincosa

Some time ago, I did my best to give a proper intro to the COLLECTIVE’s Jenny Compton. As you likely gathered, we feel just fine about publicly declaring profound and unconditional love for our own. The clergy entails those of us SLC-doting humans that sell your homes, design your spaces, feature your businesses, and bang the daily drum for this far-out town. We just wanna make sure you know who’s doing the drumming. Next up: Corigan Kushma.

The Lady Kushma (it's Czech) is one of the COLLECTIVE’s agents, and you’d be well advised to call ‘er up if you’re looking to buy or sell. For my part, I know that Corigan has a rad name that I’m guessing gets her plenty of questions and compliments. She’s a hard worker who’s busting ass and putting in some serious office time for her clients, and I assume it will pay off in spades. I know she’s got a fella…goes by the name o’ Pat. He’s a looker. Her glasses are super cute, her style is tasty, and she’s got a set of legs that bring ZZ Top to mind. She just told me I look like Kassia Meador, so she’s also my new bestie. Read below for Corigan’s answers to my totally-relevant questions, and make a point to introduce yourself the next time you see her. She’s crystal cool.

What’s your middle name? You got one? How do you feel about it? I actually don’t have a first or a middle name…I’ve got three last names, rather. It’s a mouth-full, and always a point of confusion, so I’m gonna take the time to explain here, in hopes of by-passing this conversation a few times in the future. My first name, Corigan [just the one 'r'] and it’s actually the last name of an old friend of my parents’. He was deported to Canada, and that’s all I really know about him. My middle name, McMurray, is my mother’s last name. Her feminist side couldn’t let my Dad take all the glory, so all of my siblings have her maiden name as their middle names, as well. My last name, Kushma [no 'n' on the end], is Czech — or possibly Slovak [grey area]. In short, I don’t know if a hyphenated name is really ever an option for me in the future…eight syllables is already pretty demanding.

Describe your perfect home or space. What does it look/feel like? Open, yet cozy. Historic and modern. Bright and sunny in the morning, dim and moody at night. Art to look at, instruments to play with, food always cooking, there is no TV. My own outdoor space is a must, whether it’s an acre of land or my 7 x 3 ft balcony; I need space to grow things. Oh, and there’s probably a cat sitting in the window.

Debbie Gibson or Tiffany? In a fight? My money’s on Gibson. I think she grew up in early-80s Brooklyn, she’s probably a little more scrappy.

Tell us, like, three things about yourself that you know to be awesome. know how to work really hard. I know that I believe working really hard pays off at some point. I know that if you don’t take time to play as equally hard, you’ll lose yer mind…and yer soul.

Your best day ever…how does it go? It starts at sunrise, with a surf board and waist- to chest-high, glassy conditions. This is followed by a large breakfast with lots of juice, coffee, eggs, pastries, and good company. A nap on a beach or near a high, mountain lake should be next, with swimming, picnics, and beers. Then, let’s see… biking through the city to a roof top, twinkly-light dinner/cocktail party with all my friends. Yeah…that sounds pretty nice.

What do you think of our little COLLECTIVE? I think our little COLLECTIVE is doing some big things for this city…and I like it! Thanks for bringing me on guys, it’s been really exciting and gratifying to be a part of it all.

Favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City? That’s a hard one. I think Salt Lake has some fine restaurant options, and I get really excited about eating. Both of the Eva’s are killing it. Takashi, to die for. Sage’s Cafe is definitely one of my old standbys. Finca has a pretty solid brunch. I could eat Caffe Niche’s deviled ranch eggs for every meal. Plumb Alley kimchi stew… yes. Pago. I really can’t decide, I’ll just keep going on…

I have an irrational fear of explosions. Tell me something dumb about you. I have an irrational fear of parking garages. Underground ones.  I watched a made-for-TV drama about an earthquake in a city — probably on Lifetime — when I was 7 or 8 years old. One of the major scenes took place in a parking garage, and I’ve been ruined ever since. Every time I find myself in one [and I try to avoid this at all costs] I immediately start planning my escape route. Taking the elevator is absolutely out of the question. I’m open to helping any downtown building owners with safety evacuation plans for their garages. Go ahead and contact me.

Who or what inspires you? Nature. Wild animals. People that are really going for it — following their passions in life, staying true to their hearts, and not caring about what anyone else thinks they should be doing. And all three of those things should come together in full circle.

Currently reading/watching: I’m really good at starting books, but I have a hard time finishing them…I guess that should have been the dumb thing about me. Currently, I’m in the middle of Letters to a Young Poet (thanks, Cody), The Mystery of Everette Reuss, and I’m attempting to re-read Dessert Solitaire. I should loosen up and read one of those Twilight books or something, eh?

What’s something that you have to do/accomplish/visit before you die? I really hope to jump a motorcycle over the Grand Canyon.

Why Salt Lake? Salt Lake is really pretty awesome, people. I think it takes leaving to fully realize this [if you're from here], and it might even take continuous leaving and coming back to keep realizing it — but this place is good. Talk about the land of opportunity. There are some really cool, grass-roots things going on here; so many little start-ups have chosen our fertile soil to plant their seeds because it’s so affordable here, and so much growth is happening. It’s really hard to go to a big city and start from scratch…you’re a ‘dime a dozen’ in almost any venture. I feel like Salt Lake is the perfect size for success right now, and it’s probably not going to be that way forever. It’s always best to get in and be a part of something in the exciting growth phase, and that is exactly what’s happening. We’re quickly becoming the next major city on the map. But that being said, we’ve also got a solid mentality here. I think Salt Lakers stop and smell the roses…they enjoy the life they’re working hard for. That is a rare and beautiful thing these days, and I think this is a product of what the land has to offer. I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but those mountains we have are pretty impressive, and offer something for every season. Occasionally, I get sad that we don’t have an ocean…that would almost be too good, though. No one would be able to decide which outdoor activity to do, and no one would ever work, the population would be 15 billion people…and we wouldn’t have our perfectly-sized, unique, and ripe little city. So trips to the ocean will do. We have to have some reason to leave, right?

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