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Annie Wiesenberg is a creative soul and an arbiter of human connection. Her sunny disposition wooed us from the start, but it’s a mutual crush on the Beehive state that marked her spot in our COLLECTIVE officially signed, sealed, and delivered. Having studied fine art and graphic design at the University of Utah, Annie’s passions for building community and exploring the urban playground we call “home” are stacked around a seriously creative backbone. She feels just as much at home in a desert canyon or mountain forest as she does in downtown SLC (the latter of which she’s lived in since 2007), meaning no matter the ‘hood you seek, Annie’s perfectly positioned to help you navigate the state and pick your place.

Why does practicing real estate resonate with you? Being the support person, the cheerleader, and occasionally the shoulder to cry on for my clients is incredibly fulfilling. When the competition is fierce and the paperwork is deep, my clients keep me stoked on my job! I get to be an integral part of one of the most significant changes in a person's life, it is a true honor to be invited along for the journey.

How has your ‘why’ changed since the time you started until now? To be honest, the biggest driver toward my real estate career was my desire to no longer be a "starving artist". Now that I am an established agent, partnering with my buyers and sellers in a mindful way to create a beautiful and smooth experience is my "why". Many of my clients have become dear friends over the years.

Describe your perfect home or space. What does it look/feel like? My dream home is a small cob house, built by hand and with all natural materials. Its rounded walls and archways soothe the mind and cradle the spirit. There is abundant natural light, plants growing happily, and plenty of cozy nooks for reading and cuddling. The home is just big enough to host guests comfortably and it is filled with interesting objects gathered from adventures near and far.

How do you take care of your home and how do you take care of the house that is you? Lucky for me, my incredible husband takes the best care of our home. I couldn't not give him that shout out. My contributions include taking care of the plants, collecting art and furniture, and also taking care of the husband. I take care of my self-home by surrounding myself with beauty! Beautiful spaces, healthy foods, people I love, nature, good books, and plenty of resting time.

What is something you wish people knew more about you? (passion, hobbies, personality) I am always myself! I care deeply about my personal and spiritual growth, and because of this, I am passionate about allowing others to be on their own path.

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